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Thorn Between Self Hosted Website And Free Publishing Sites

Updated on November 16, 2011

Which road to choose?

It all stated out having my own domain and trust me when I tell you I worked hard for it. Imagine writing at least one article per day without fail, I did every backlink I could and I could think off. A month past and I was devastated as I wasn't earning much. Yes, I was high hoped and even thought I could make a fortune out of it (okay, I am just joking on the last part). I certainly learned the hard way because I knew how hard it was to get a website up and running from scratch! It wasn't a walk in the park like what I have thought it would be.

Self hosted domain vs Free publishing site
Self hosted domain vs Free publishing site

The road not taken...

I started EmptyTalks and I was bold headed. After 5 long years of writing, I believe I could start up something. And yes, I did do it and break some records I didn't thought of being able to. I was able to do simple coding (codes) and HTML works. Thankfully, I was assisted by a few fellow Google+ members which we ended becoming great friends. As a writer, I always love to write and nothing is stopping me from that! Certainly, I believe that writing could earn me some income and could very well be my retirement plan.

Having a self hosted website was like a dream come true. Of course, along the way I received some harsh comments but it didn't deter me from writing. Writing was tough as after a hard day at work, writing an article or two is certainly a tedious task. Not to forget, having a life and trying to spend my 24 hours a day without a single second to waste.

I began seeing the fruit I have long awaited

Today, I decided to end my website as my hosting plan got closer to the date. I told myself "Do you want to spend whole night trying to break the code, sleep for 3 hours a day, work 9 hours a day?" Well, that got me pretty hard. It was all because of myself as I am a born competitor. When I come to writing, I knew I had to compete with thousands if not millions on writers around the world. I need to find a way to produce high quality materials in large quantities. Insane as it speaks, I tried many ways from blogging everything I see to 'follow my instinct' writing. Every way works honestly.

Exactly within a month (30 days), my website hit Page Rank 1. How does this make me feel? I am thorn in the middle! Why?! Because I was that close of letting my website go and bam! My website hit the page rank. All the backlinks and my endless (and sleepless) nights paid off big time.

So, which do I choose?

Well, this is a tough question. What I should do now is to stop pushing myself so much. I should take my time to relax and prepare higher quality backlinks. By saying this, what I must do is to ensure that regardless where I am writing, I have to perform link building to ensure that my readers are contained in the 'circle'. Between a self hosted domain and free publishing site, there is definitely a lot to choose from and I certainly hope I made the right choice.

I know this will lead to more sleepless nights but hey, I am living my dreams!


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  • nicregi profile imageAUTHOR

    Reginald Chan 

    7 years ago from Malaysia

    Hi HendrikDB,

    You are most welcome.

  • HendrikDB profile image


    7 years ago


  • nicregi profile imageAUTHOR

    Reginald Chan 

    7 years ago from Malaysia

    Dear LindaSmith1,

    Thank you for your generous comment. I believe the pop up should be gone (unless I overlooked at the HTML). Currently at work so will check on that when I am back home. Aprpeciate on your comment!

    Dear leann2800,

    Thank you for reading :) Actually these are fresh sites like 1 to 2 months old only. More to come certainly and definitely hope to make a 'mark' on Internet!

    Have a great day all!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. I hadn't heard of some of these sites.

  • LindaSmith1 profile image


    7 years ago from USA

    Actually, I got irritated with popups, seeing bits and pieces that I had to click on just to finish reading something.


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