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Thought Ought Not Be Fought.

Updated on May 20, 2022

What is both comic and tragic is life itself


All the tools are there awaiting your bidding

The Process of Thinking

Thought Ought Not Be Fought.
not be fought
when poems 
are sought
inspiration is
not taught
it can't be bought
it's what you've got
and what you jot 
from what's brought
when an idea is hot
it is caught
in brainstorms 
a lot and seldom forgot
But like dot to dot
poems should all plot
a pattern 
that leads to 
a finished spot
not just some
 ink blots
that makes readers go 
if it makes no sense
it's Squat
Your thoughts 
hold tasks
in the present 
as well as the past
with some still 
in the future
you must be 
careful choosers
those who aren't
wind up losers
some folks are 
word abusers
the formula is 
quite simple
and it helps 
you to kindle
perfect writes 
from your mind
Think hard
and let it all 
flow easy
crafting something 
that's pleasing
teasing and appeasing
let your pen 
in doses 
of 20 lines
that bring relief
to the reader
wow them 
with imagery
never come at 
them timidly
make them feel 
all your misery
make them laugh
with persistency
help them 
remember vividly
all that you did
the word commentary
holds what you meant 
and one should 
always tarry over
each word that it contains
infest readers brains
with your brilliance
poems start with
the inspired rations
of pure thought
only handed out 
to the most creative 
who feast
on the contents
love starts 
with a glance
a casual dance
till the birth of romance  
puts two souls in a trance
if they just take the chance
but Love ends with a scowl
leaving his and ??? towels
plus words that are foul
or a whimper..a howl
is a bloated
mind full of
angst that 
incorporates all
of the tortures
of damnation
in it's girth
poetry has many 
and leaves one
the texture
of life's
emotional barks
Dream has a ream in it
a ream of paper
on which to express
your fondest 
nocturnal or daily
mental emissions
The alphabet
is gamble where 
poets take chances
when the chips are down
or when the
moment is righteous
fingers are what 
happens to an arm
when it disagrees 
with itself
pencils are worked 
across empty 
white spaces
by sharp minds
with cutting 
edge remarks
till they grow 
dull with 
such as now
as I 
and remember 
scatterbrained can be 
the dispersing of 
your finest thoughts
scattered to the masses
It does not have 
to mean stupid
So lift your pens

and open your minds
to all that awaits you
or pound on the keys
that start with 
QWERT and end
with VBNM
and use them 
and all that lies in 
between them
It's not rocket science
but it is uplifting
and it can help 
you reach the stars

© 2017 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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