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Thoughts: Serne

Updated on February 11, 2010


 The below text is nothing but a simple thought, it's not meant to make sense or follow a strict set of formatting rules. Latley I have found my words to be scattered, and to help sort myself I felt it only healthy to write down simple thoughts that flow in and out of my brain. I figured I would give this one a shot and see if anyone takes a gander at it.


 The air ways flow as I sit on a feathered bed, and listen to the gental setting of the sun. I am surrounded by green and blue, I only wish I could never leave this room, where voices and bombs do not leak through, but wither away as my eyes close on an exhaling note. Travel if I must to this place again, I will find my haven once more. And as I exit through this door, I look back and feel as if a candle has just been lit.


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