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Thoughts Unbound

Updated on June 11, 2013

How can I say

what I want to say,

need to say.

Digging deep,

unearthing feelings.



Beneath the facade.

On my own.

Knee-high in the dark.

Swirling, surrounding.

Confusing my mind.

I'm swept away,

my feet immobile.

I say I don't know

how I feel,

what I think about things.

To express them would be..


Yet I want to

tell all, everything.

Fear of a loss.

Pulling back the reigns....

I have to stop..

In my mind.


Little Anger.


Yes. NO.

Tyrannical indecision.

No idea what to say.

How to say it.

But I've got to. HAVE TO.

Just let it be known.

What am I thinking?


Overwhelming pressure.

Coming from myself,

placed on myself.




So unnecessary.

Problematic. Persistent.

My mind is too dark.

My love has my heart.

An abyss too deep

no end can be found.

These are thoughts unbound...


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    • To Start Again profile image

      Selina Kyle 4 years ago

      Oh, to be arguing with oneself and not sure of when to speak up or to keep it in-You hit the nail on the head here with the war withing our own minds. I think we've all been there! Nice job and I really liked the addition of the bold text. It really worked well in changing the desperation/confusion so to speak of the voice in those parts and made the question and answering back stand out nicely :)