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Thoughts on Writing and Dreaming

Updated on September 13, 2009

Reality is a fantastic thing. How to get people to listen to you. Getting people to listen to what you’re saying. How to get people interested on what you said to them. It is really a matter of getting people interested on what you have to say. Get anyone with interested in what you want to write. Writing is like living in a different dimension. While you write, you are shaping reality.

Writing without revising is writing that you do only once. You want to do it in such a way that you keep a fresh mind. You want to be sure that you are writing something that is of your interest and that your readers will be interested on. Writing is an activity that draws on your creative powers. You are creating a reality that is part of what you have only on your mind. It is a process that develops as you put your words on paper. It continues creating new levels of deep reality, things that may even be more interesting than you really thing they are.

In a synthetic reality, you need to create marks that generate what is real and what is not. A system that allows people to create reality is so much interesting as a novel. Most of the reality that we don’t understand is embedded in the assumptions that we make about what is truth, what is real, what is truth or lie. Although we may try to convince people of reality, we are the only ones that need convincing. While others are there just to be witnesses of the happening, you are integral part of reality.

It is not possible to convince anyone that something is real if you cannot convince yourself. You are the source of certainty about something, because you create all reality with your mind. Inside your mind is the source of reality and the desire to obtain something. It is this desire that propels people into the adventures they create and live.

In the absence of a real mark, people live lives that are mostly unfulfilling. It becomes up to them verifying what the reality is, while hiding what they usually think. The containment of their desires doesn’t make them better or even allows them to be different from most behaviors. It is a sentiment that allows creativity and reality to join forces.

On the desire to be different, writers transform their writings into the role they want to fill. It is a process that require from them high levels of collaborations. It is just a system that repeats itself with exceedingly accurate timing. It is a method of thinking and behaving that is difficult to stop, or even to reduce. A person that starts behaving in this will suddenly lose its focus, entangle reality in a shape that explodes from consciousness. It revives the dreams of great people, beliefs that were so ingrained in the reality, but that now are part of dreams and explorations.

While started in the loss of reality, consciousness regain control after the redefinition of subjectivity. Nothing like complete freedom of thought to undress our feelings and let them exposed to vagaries of time. No shapes are strong enough or big enough to provide for the necessary rigors of thought. A though is something of high precision. The prejudice that relies of the badly formed ideas, and the demise of a system of reflection, all of this provide the perfect hiding place of our aspirations. We are not more than the parts of our thought. We continue to become, to recreated the pieces of each idea, and to remain in the province of reasoning, or relentless march or our senses. These senses, which regard reality as just another subject, are also able to create or recreate the ideas from which they are themselves made.



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