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Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Updated on September 22, 2015

Rain, Rain go away

Come again another day.

While you are here though

I need to feel you;

Just keep pouring on me while

I drain myself of some misery and sorrow.

As the rain kisses my nose

I smile and think that there is no rhyme or reason

to feeling this overwhelming sense of guilt

that I sense coming on.

Guilty that I could not do this or that, a feeling of


Sometimes I even feel guilty that I am in a good, fun

mood when I should maybe be more focused and serious

about something.

Right now I'm having a moment that tells me to take

the day by its tails and shake all that guilt away

and my thoughts of the what, where, why and when

of what I should do with the rest of my day.

I can start to be a better person; to not beat myself

up over things that are so trivial, but as trivial as

they may seem, aren't those little things sometimes more

significant in the course of a day than all the other major

issues of this world we live in.

Happy tears form in my eyes over the silliest things or maybe from recent

weddings, graduations but as of recent, the tears have been more sad, so

in between my prayers to the Lord that nurtures me while I mourn

a recent loss, he said a little rain must fall now and then.

I now know that those words will lead me to a better place, a place

that is always sunny above me and will give me a kick when I am

feeling overwhelmed or down in the dumps.


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