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Love Thoughts

Updated on October 11, 2010


We are such a "list'" society. We make lists in Life...We make lists in Love, and text them before we think.

Then face to face we don't function, we feel lost, what to say, and even how to say any cost.

We love our families, we love our friends, so what's going on here? Talk to me, see me, I'm sitting near.

I love the rhythm of your voice, your laugh, the way your eyes shine, talk to me. Don't sit and "text"

It's impolite, it's not right....Am I out of touch, or are you?

There are those that will say, get with it...every one does it, what your problem? And you think, yeah,

what's my problem? My problem is, I love you, I waited so long to see you, hug you, talk in person to

you....Not sit while you "yes," me, "no" me, as your fingers text away to some one else....while I smile

sadly, pretending it doesn't hurt.


We take so much "bull" on the job, in life....WHEREVER!

But when it comes to Family, Friends, or Relationships....we make such Fools of ourselves in the name

of LOVE. We trust them, as no words can describe. Until that trust is broken....then we are broken too.

It makes us want to run and hide.

Why do we care what" they" think or do? We can "challenge" anyone...but let a family member do you stays with you for so long, until you say, I'm strong...But stilI it hurts. But you will heal, and

maybe "they" will say, the words you long to hear...."I'm sorry"....and then, you both try to meet halfway,

or somewhere in the middle.


I Love the Moon when it smiles down on me, as I look up at it from my favorite tree...

The stars cast their shimmer, as they shoot one towards me. While I make a wish that I share

with eternity.


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    • profile image

      Judy 7 years ago

      sometimes those we love so much just don't realize

      how hurtful their words or actions are.....hopefully

      they will understand as they experience their

      own hurt in their own lives

    • profile image

      Steve 7 years ago

      Your writing gets better & better with each succeeding hub.

      Keep up the good work. I knew that you had it in you.

    • profile image

      b. Malin 7 years ago

      Thanks for reading. Hope you will enjoy my other Hubs.

    • profile image

      Michael E. Horton 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing.