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Three Asian Poems

Updated on January 18, 2018
juneaukid profile image

Richard F. Fleck is author of two dozen books, his latest being Desert Rims to Mountains High and Thoreau & Muir Among the Native Americans.

Gwaneum-Sa Temple at the base of Hallasan

100 feet from the summit Hallasan
100 feet from the summit Hallasan | Source

Three Asian Poems

Mists of Halla San*

Up through creaking oaks

whose acorns once fed

ancient Korean kings

during very hungry times,

we emerge along dark and

spiny ridges leading up

toward a massive volcanic

dome looming in the mists

above the East China Sea.

Treeline shrubs clink

with icy crystals, and

gnarled pines bend in

snow like those of Korean

scroll paintings hanging

on warm museum walls

six thousand feet below.

And frozen mist spreads

to obscure almost everything

to heighten our awareness

of this Asian wilderness.

*This poem originally appeared in Appalachia

On Viewing Hiroshige's

Wood Block Prints

Japanese magic

when I glance

at a Hiroshige print--

Sails at sea,

twisted pines on shore,

gleaming Fuji in the distance--

I can hear those locusts buzz

in the heat of an eternal summer afternoon.

I can hear the hoarse notes of the mourning dove

far below snowy Mount Fuji,

Fuji San, the origin--

I breathe the scent of tatami mats,

I feel the hot burning waters of the ofuro,

I taste the fish and smell the cooking

from the underground court of restaurants

beneath the streets of Osaka.

It may be the plucked strings of an okoto

or the delicate note of a flute

on the Noh stage that evokes the magic--

Hiroshige's wood block prints.

Power of the Shogun*

As though the shogun's

power could reach out

through the centuries to

seize me, ancient gnarled

wooden planks of Ni jo jo

creak and squeak underfoot

like nightingales in pines

of a Japan of olden times.

*This poem original appeared in Poetry Nippon

Readers may be interested in seeing my other hub Three More Asian Poems.

© 2010 Richard Francis Fleck


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    • profile image

      pogi 4 years ago


    • juneaukid profile image

      Richard Francis Fleck 5 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Thank you jejeje.

    • profile image

      liera quiaso the3rd. 5 years ago

      thank's for the asian poem's, i will make also a poem to my own country... jejeje....

    • juneaukid profile image

      Richard Francis Fleck 5 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Thanks for the Wow!

    • profile image

      jhayx mhayr nhe 5 years ago


    • juneaukid profile image

      Richard Francis Fleck 5 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Many thaks mayank cool

    • profile image

      mayank cool 5 years ago

      nice and superb

    • juneaukid profile image

      Richard Francis Fleck 5 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Shima Shahsavaran Ahmadi, Your poem is great--it reminds me of the poems of Mahoud Darwish, the Palestinian poet.

    • profile image

      Shima Shahsavaran Ahmadi 5 years ago

      Asia was a golden ring that my fathers put it to my finger .

      Many years ago they made me get married . They shroud my daughters .

      Asia become a ring of fire . I have to jump through it .

      Living is a circuse and it’s men curl the ring in my ears .

      A country where the black boots crushed my destiny under their foot .

      They tamed and uprooted the wild shrubby raspderry .

      War means pick up your gun and shoot my buttons .

      The bare and injuried men wear my pieces .

      Asia became a ring of a rope thet put itslf to my neck .

      Their gallows tree became my pen ,

      Not to say what they did with my country .

      This is my poem about Asia

      from Iran

      I am an Iranian poet

      I enjoy these poems

    • juneaukid profile image

      Richard Francis Fleck 6 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Thanks for your comments!

    • profile image

      jackielo 6 years ago

      ang gaganda naman ng mga poem nyo

    • profile image

      jjjelina 6 years ago



      COME AGAIN LATER!!!!? ? muahh muahh tsup tsup

    • profile image

      o21 6 years ago


    • profile image

      ジハーハイン・ ハルドズ 6 years ago

      ang corni ng poem ny0,,, (waat?)

    • profile image

      gracer 6 years ago

      think u !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      lala 6 years ago


    • juneaukid profile image

      Richard Francis Fleck 6 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Thank you Mz.PuChinG!

    • profile image

      Mz.PuCkInG pRiNcExZ 6 years ago

      it's so0 nice... qush !!!

    • profile image

      sandro 6 years ago


    • profile image

      asherjoycanlapan 6 years ago

      hello how your doing today nice to mit you bye bye.

    • juneaukid profile image

      Richard Francis Fleck 6 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      I appreciate it.

    • profile image

      harjie 6 years ago

      thank you

    • profile image

      nicole moreno 6 years ago

      hello....? guys i like it coz i nice

    • juneaukid profile image

      Richard Francis Fleck 7 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Glad you liked them!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      They are some really beautiful poems which describes the scenery so well and have so many meaningful thoughts in them. Thank you for the pleasure of reading them.


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