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Three Icelandic Poems

Updated on November 3, 2016
Geyser at Strokkur
Geyser at Strokkur | Source
Langjokull Glacier
Langjokull Glacier | Source
Gullfoss Falls
Gullfoss Falls | Source

Three Icelandic Poems

Geyser at Strokkur (Poem)

At Strokkur I stand and stare

at a giant blue bubble that

rises suddenly to burst in the

sky with a surprising force

that blocks out the sun for a

moment or two with a plume of

dense white steam gently falling

down to wet and gray ground.

Langjokull Glacier(Poem)

At the edge of a great

rift in southern Iceland,

where two tectonic plates

steadily split apart.......

I stare out at a distant

Langjokull glacier which

sits calmy atop a very high,

gray mountain with clutching

jagged white fingers of ice.

Gullfoss Falls (Poem)

Who would ever guess that

a broad river flowing down from

distant pure white glaciers

could drop so suddenly over a

black lava rim only to turn sharply

at a right angle and do the same

all over again doubling the

intensity of its roar in torrents

as white as distant glaciers.



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