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Through A Poet's Labyrinth

Updated on July 6, 2017

There is no right direction

that leads straight to a writer's heart.

Anything can take place

at any turn and stopover.

Be careful of their train of thought

Be careful of the passion-filled muses

that could take over your soul

The ways are frightening and yet

very blissful at the same time.

One might shake hands with

a tornado and thunder at this moment

then giddily skip through

a field of Peruvian lilies the next.

One might call it a long lost home

or a tragic tale of passion.

It will be easy to get lost

with every word spilled

by ink and paper

Although, there will always be a key

through every passage.

Something that might somehow

free you from the chains

of a burning hell full of love

and lust and hurt

A ticket back to the mundane life

But would you unlock that door

that brings you back

to where you were?


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    • Stephanie Inac profile image

      Calypso Rivera 6 weeks ago from Iloilo City

      Thank you so much!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 6 weeks ago from Queensland Australia

      Nope, I am mot unlocking that door back to my mundane life without my writing. Great job with this poem.