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Through the Brazilian Wilderness

Updated on August 26, 2019


Americas Toughest Presdient
Americas Toughest Presdient

Exploring The Amazon

Former president of the United States of America, Teddy Roosevelt, tells us in his own words about his dangerous and nearly deadly expedition into the unexplored regions of the Amazon jungle.

A harrowing tale of exploration, discovery, death and even murder, this book is an incredible page turner that you won't be able to put down.

More a tale of survival than of adventure, Roosevelt, an experienced hunter and wilderness survival expert, is tested to his limits and almost beyond in the dark jungles of South America's rain forests.
Forced to survive on monkeys and piranhas, this group of intrepid explorers almost disappeared into the tangled undergrowth of the savage Amazon forever.

Teddy Roosevelt

Above even the thrilling recounts of the bone crushing, canoe destroying rapids and the savage murder of one of the expedition, the reader is struck by the intense passion with which TR talks about nature. The enthusiasm and focused interest with which he talks about the different animals he encounters is infectious. So captivated by fauna is he that, even before he reaches the Amazon, Roosevelt takes the time to visit a Brazilian, snake research lab to observe the reptiles and write about them. What he sees makes such an impression on him that he dedicates nearly twenty pages of this book to it.

The Bird Man
Although he clearly had an intense interest in every kind of animal, Teddy's real ardor was reserved for birds. With the zeal of a dedicated ornithologist, the 26th president writes ardently about the many different species of birds he encounters along the way. The almost boyish exhilaration with which he describes his feathered friends is balanced by the disciplined level of detail with which he documents every aspect of both their look and behavior.

Such a fan of our winged friends was he that Teddy even created the first federal bird preserves stating that ' Birds in the trees and on the beaches were much more beautiful than on women's hats.' He created fifty-one bird preserves in all, including the very first Federal Wildlife Refuge, Pelican Island on March 14, 1903.

A Great Read

Hunger, disease, rapids, flesh eating bacteria, Teddy Roosevelt faces them all with undaunted courage in this true life tale of adventure as he treks 400 miles of previously unexplored Amazon jungle. One of histories most under appreciated men of action, this book, River of Doubt (right), does much to highlight TR's amazing fearlessness and steadfast character in facing personal danger.

Death in the Amazon

Teddy Roosevelt in Brazil
Teddy Roosevelt in Brazil | Source

The Big Game Hunter

It is well known that Theodore Roosevelt was an accomplished hunter but he should not be confused with one of those Big White Hunter's one sees in old Tarzan movies or in Clint Eastwood's White Hunter Black Heart. His love of the entire animal kingdom is a matter of history but it was the practice of the day for Naturalists to kill animals for the purpose of stuffing. In this way they could 'share' the beauty of these beasts with the rest of the world who did not have the means nor luxury of going on safari. In this way they hoped to raise the awareness of these magnificent creatures and incite people to help preserve them for future generations.

Well maybe not the insects

Roosevelt was a fan of all animals, well, maybe not all. According to this narrative of his journey into the Brazilian forests, he came to passionately detest the swarming, biting, stinging clouds of insects. These voracious annoyances were so vicious that they even devoured poor Teddy's clothes!

The Author

T.R. wrote as he lived, with passion. This book is a great read, engaging and entertaining, conveying a contagious lust for life and nature that inspires you to get off the sofa and get outside to enjoy the fresh air and fauna for yourself. A little repetitive and over written at times, this book will satisfy any fan of adventure, discovery, exploration and especially fans of Indiana Jones. This book also gives a candid, behind the curtain peek at the most interesting president America has ever had.

Exploring the Amazon

Mapping the Amazon
Mapping the Amazon | Source

The Forgotten Indiana Jones

When people speculate about which real life adventurers might have been the inspiration for the fictional hero, Indiana Jones, they talk about people like Roy Chapman Andrews, Hiram Bingham III, Percy Harrison Fawcett and even Otto Wilhelm Rahn, I always think of American President and hunter, Theodore Roosevelt.

From his exploits with the Rough Riders to his expedition into the Amazon, TR was a man's man in every sense of the word, a real thrill seeker who never let fear or danger stop him from doing anything.

This forgotten chapter in this amazing man's life is a true page turner and well worth a read.

A Very Good Read

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