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Thursday Thoughts.

Updated on December 25, 2009


Thursday Thoughts.  


8:00 a.m.
the day lies in wait
just around the corner,
like a taskmaster
with a long list
of things to do,
Yawns break

over my face
the gaping maw of

not enough sleep.


I can think of

better things to do

wrapped in a flesh

sandwich of love

wiling away hours

in its silky grasp

but the sheets are

 empty real estate

and duty evicts me.

Puppies snooze

by the front door,
their ticket

to the outside,
thus they embrace the exit,
I prolong it.

Content with my

Maxwell house warmth,
and a blank screen
inspiring my soul.

Keys in my pocket
will call me

away soon,
but keys under my fingers
express other journeys,
into my mind,
freeing thoughts
trapped in my brain cells
in a way that

I can never be.

8:10 ticks loudly
as the door

clicks behind me,
and the day

shadows me
to my next pause.






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