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Thy Rare Gift (Poem)

Updated on September 13, 2014

Doubting tendencies in suspension

For how long, who knows?

Not even I, who's in possession

Knows how thy "time" goes.

Every core longs for merely a taste

Of thy land's rare gift.

Though for thy sake, make waste not, nor haste

Nor thyself's adrift.

All the world says: "Life's but a segment

Of downfalls and dreams."

So are these fits of merriment

By one's lovely beams.

Soaring through skies of studded silver

Indeed, however

Keep thee sane; stray not to night's shiver

Or downhearts' ever.

Now, go flee to where thy heart takes thee

And feast over love

With whom this rare gift is meant to be;

None's less nor above.



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