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Time Case

Updated on March 22, 2012

Entering a long, dark tunnel leading to a newly found sacred room of the Mayans, buried deep inside the pyramid of the sun. A group of young archaeologist from the University of California and their professor, Dr. Brown were the finders of this room of mystery. “Professor you need to come see what we have found!” the youngest of the group cries out. Dr. Brown makes his way over to the young man and the newly discovered artifact that was hidden behind one of the stones in the wall of the room the young researcher was examining. The professor grasped the artifact ever so gently in his hand, as he did not want to put any harm to this ancient oddity. The artifact was a small stone case with English words written on the top of the lid. The professor gently blew away some of the dust gathered upon the case to get a better view of the words. Examining ever so closely, the words were written as, “Mark Smith, year 2102 A.D.”

The professor went speechless with his mouth wide open in complete amazement. Could this be real? The professor wondered as he took another deep breath and carefully lifted the lid of the case. Inside were several papers, all which were written in the English language. The whole group gathered around Dr. Brown as he began to read the papers aloud.

Mark Smith: Inventor, scientist, archeologist, explorer and time traveler.

The professor pauses for a brief moment while he ponders the description, Time traveler? Coming back to his senses he resumes his reading.

The year is 2102 A.D., I have recently finished my calculations and all seems to be set on go. No man, at least on earth that is, has ever performed time travel nor have they ever invented a real time machine. Realizing the risk and dangers aboard the new machine, as well as the understanding of never being able to return to my own time due to the alternate time line that will occur from such an insane venture. All loved ones as well as friends will never be seen again, nor will I ever see my home forever. The thought of such sin brings sadness as well as excitement and mystery. If all fails and I am not able to travel through time, the alternate version will send me through a trail of space and time twirling towards an eternal vortex of damnation. To truly begin my mission I must rid myself of any fears, any sadness, any emotion period. I must forget my formal life completely, only to focus on the mysterious path before me.

In only a few minutes from now I will saddle my newly built transport and begin my journey. If failure comes upon me and my mission ahead then shall I write no more and all information of my being will perish forever, but if I succeed then shall I arrive at my final destination, a destination I have longed to witness, 900 A.D. and the disappearance of the Mayans.

I have succeeded! Amazing feat I have accomplished! Arriving at the exact location and time that I have programmed the time machine to take me. The freshest air anyone could imagine, with no cars, no pollution swirling through the air, no signs of machines in sight besides the good ol time machine. According to the location I have chosen I am only within a few kilometers from the sun pyramid of which is a magnificent structure and importance due to the fact that in my time the pyramid is no longer standing as it is destroyed in a war around 2050 A.D.

Although this is an amazing and exciting endeavor, I must be pre cautious as to exploring the pyramid or its surrounding cities, as the people may find me a danger. Luckily I foresaw this danger and brought clothing similar to that of the Mayan people with me on my journey. Unfortunately though I have similar clothing as these primitive people, I do not have the skin tone nor the hair or any similar features at all. White skin and blonde hair could either get me killed or play in favor as they may see me as a God. Of course I shall limit my chances of either option and just camouflage myself through the jungle and watch from a far until I feel at ease with the people and their judgment of me.

Beginning my journey through the deep forest, that seems to have no end and dangers lurking with every step taken. Trees stood high in the sky with a canopy stretched about as far as the eye could see. Multitudes of plants covered the jungle floor, while many exotic animals scrounged around in search of food. Remarkable and fascinating indeed, yet frightening as well. The melody of the jungle seemed to put one into a trance, with the spoken language of the moneys, birds and many other exotic creatures’ echoes throughout the forest.

The trance rapidly wore off as a man made noise interrupted the jungles melody. Slowly and cautiously I make my way closer to the noise to obtain a better view of the source. The closer I approached, the clearer the noise became. Suddenly the noise became clear enough to make out, the beating of drums and chanting of a mass of people that only seemed to be a few hundred feet away! I crouched down and began to crawl my way through the bushes and closer to the people and their practice.

As I got up close to the mass of people and the beating of the drums, I peeked through a rather large bush and saw people dancing and chanting away, at what I am not sure due to the angle of view, but I am sure one of their Gods. The pyramid of the sun and a nearby city painted the background, what a remarkable site; nothing could satisfy me more than seeing this amazing view. While witnessing this phenomenon, I began to notice the mass of people growing. More and more people flooded in until the number was so great the mass had flooded in to the nearby city. There had to at least be a million or more people dancing and chanting and starring into the sky while bowing down in a form of worship.

What could they be worshipping? Why were there so many of them? The curiosity took over and I hopped out of the bushes to witness this so called God of the sky. Fear covered my soul with amazement entangling my spirit. Before me, only a few thousand feet above the mass, was a giant ship, so remarkable, so technologically advance even for my time. So this was the God they worshipped, this was the reason more the mass of people; this was the reason of disappearance. I am satisfied and have completed my mission, now I will go with the people and begin my next mission, next purpose for life. Goodbye Earth, hope I return to you again someday.

Tears rolled down the professor’s face as a mix of emotions swirled around his mind. “This must be a trick! Or some sort of joke!” the professor exclaimed. The professor glanced around the room, observing the group and their reactions to his anger and the artifact. “Whose propaganda is this?” the professor asked while still closely observing each individual. No movement from anyone was found, no noise, not even the clearing of the throat. Impatient, the professor turned around and stormed outside and handed the artifact to a young soldier on site, “I want you to destroy this joke of a fool!” the professor exclaimed with rage.

The soldier then took the artifact and jumped into an army jeep and drove off into the distance. Where the soldier went, where the artifact was going no one knows. Hidden evidence of great achievements of a man from the future, a man that no one knew, a man that was gone to a place of unknown with people of the past, people of mystery. Where are we to search now, for truth of the past and for the future?


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    • uzma shaheen profile image

      Uzma Shaheen Bhatti 5 years ago from Lahore,Pakistan

      interesting story.time travelling concept always fascinated me,good work,keep it up.