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Time Keeper Work Maker

Updated on February 10, 2017

Only time will tell.

The days of feeling good and never unwell.

The moment of fine taste.

As with time one should never waste.

Minute by minute time moves on.

Day by day until the break of a new dawn.

Time rolling tick clock.

Singing hard with a ticking of a timely clock.

Moving in awares with seconds and minutes that add up to days.

A memorizing sound of a clock's timely ways.

A sound that goes on and never stops.

Only from a dead battery or to the ground a clock will drop.

A new battery is always changed .

As the old one will get replace.

Tick Clock hands of a clock go round.

Tick Clock clocks high in the air and some as low to the ground.

Time keepers of time.

Round and round hands go in wine.

Sixty second and a minute will pass.

Twenty hours and a whole day is in the past.

An expedient procedure that is base for a changing world.

Round and round the clock's hands go from wires of motor that constantly twirl.

Second and minutes a day.

Time keeper work maker shows time to make a way.


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