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Scrambled, Thoughts or Feelings?

Updated on March 17, 2013

Moments In Time Unknown

Memories are moments in time frozen. Proof that time does not exist. Have we left behind pieces of ourselves that once felt whole? We attach ourselves to things and give it meaning. Like a song, an item, a person, a feeling. A love that once was, one that will never be. An invisible force binds you to it. Like a trap. Imprisoned by your own soul. Or so it feels.

In this moment right here we feel it. We are not these memories. From these memories, we have decided who we are.

That's really the only question that has ever mattered to us.

Who am I?

This is the test. Outward circumstances appear to us over and over, for one simple reason. To become you. Who are you? Only you can tell.

Is there a GOD? If so what is he like? Is he really so full of hate that he could imprison his own people in a pit of fire if we do not become who he wants us to be? Is he really vengeful, jealous and binding? Honestly I've grown doubtful.

We where given a great gift. Freedom. This freedom has never been taken from us, nor will it ever be taken. No government, law, person, place, or thing can take this. If we weren't free, laws could not be broken. If we weren't free, we could not claim our own thoughts, nor express them at our will.

So if your asking me to believe in a vengeful GOD who loves me conditionally. I will not.

Look at the beauty we have become! We are the created, looking upon creation. We add to it every day.

Time cannot exist. It doesn't make since. All there is, is NOW. We have all the time in the world. The universe. Unlimited. Forever.... and ever, yet Unknown.


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