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Time Traveling

Updated on December 7, 2015

Unraveling, (blues)

only letting out, babbling,


means nothing,

trying to say something,

okay, get comfy,

sox on you feet,


picture, show, creeps,

sink beneath,

scared chattering teeth,

cold popcorn bowl, holds old, shaking knees,

yes an old geez',

er' ya' heard, you, little, turd, direction, please,

a place to meet,

greet, greetings earthlings, peep,

peep, peep, peep, touch the sky, birdy, creep,

astro creep, think,

who missed the link,

Zombies!!! run for the trees,

mind diseased,


feelings leave me,

because I'm not believing,

the top goes higher than the ceiling,


really just thinking,

mental trip, trap, released me,

to bee new again, easy,

enjoy the sound you've found, grinding greasy,

heavy metal pound the ground, mind, racing, risky,

business slipped, clutch hub guns, speed, shifting,

this is what I've been missing, living, quickly,

mountain road misty,

super sonic logic, watch's speeding,

ticking away, nails, fell, into the ground grave, saved today, riding words, away, tricky,

its gonna be OK... Listening,

Wah Wah (pedal) why, try to fight, divine, shine, into my eyes, blinding,

finding the same thing???

Man never been this high, besides in another life inside , try wishing,

upon a stars, gleam,

stumbling, to start, false heart depart, coming down, take me away, treat,

discreet needs, feeds, what bleeds,

we own the sun, we own the sky, we own tomorrow & we wanna fly, Indeed...


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    • goego profile image

      goego 2 years ago from Loserland


    • c-m-hall profile image

      CMarie 2 years ago from York, Maine

      "Zombies!!! run for the trees," fuck yah! can't wait. lol!!