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Time Will Never Rewind

Updated on July 3, 2013

Time is life's decay,

like ageing photographs,

that's had their day,

images framed with,

tears of gold,

faded memories,

growing old,

time an invisible foe,

forwards never backwards,

never ticking to slow,

years overlap without border,

once it has expired,

cannot reorder,

hindsight is better,

than foresight,

endless days,

followed by nights,

ticking away incessantly,

a captive of an instant,

that can't break free,

existence perplexed,

in the present,

shadows in-front,

and behind,

once the ticking,

of a clock is spent,

moments will never rewind,

seasons ramble past your window,

like a procession on the run,

nights of a frozen winter,

days of a summers sun,

yet the seasons of life,

don't dally,

they leap amongst the days,

immortality is a folly,

covered by pious haze,

footprints embed in history,

stolen by the wind,

time in it's self a mystery,

we all try to rescind,

but no one has an indication,

of the allotted measure we live,

hopes are spent by incantation,

that our enemy,

time will forgive.


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