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Time to Laugh at Silly Stories

Updated on March 15, 2021
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I have been writing stories since my children were little. I included them in the stories and they learned to read and love it.

Warning: though many of the facts below might appear to be true, the actual facts have all been changed to protect the innocent (LOL).



Did You Ever Notice

  • How a baby's laugh makes you smile?
  • How a child's laugh brightens your day?
  • How a smile from a stranger makes you feel better?
  • How you can laugh at yourself and make it all good?
  • How a hearty laugh can ease tension?


Laughter releases endorphins into the system and increases blood flow throughout the body. Laughter is healthy, helping the brain to function at a higher level because of better blood flow and oxygen levels.

Do You Like To Laugh

I like to think of funny things so I can laugh and make myself feel better; however, with the world in so much terrible strife right now, I find it hard to laugh. So I thought I would try to write up some funny things to make me and others laugh and, hopefully, forget their troubles for a moment or two. And so we move into the world of "do you believe?"

Here We Go!

The Tiger

Did you know that the tiger was once a human being? Yes, that is quite so. He was tall and handsome with blonde hair and green eyes that could look right through you. His face was well-shaped and his body well built. So what happened? Well he got into so many fights over who got the choicest portions every time they sat down to eat that he was quickly transformed into the animal whose behavior he was mimicking-do you believe that? (Oh yes, and the female of the species was even more ferocious and thus became a female tiger--do you believe that?)

It made noise so he wouldn't have to look up to know the time.
It made noise so he wouldn't have to look up to know the time. | Source

Telling The Time

Time used to be told by the sun’s location in the sky. People could look up and determine where the sun was in the sky and know exactly what time of day it was. They could predict the time of night as well by looking at the location of the moon and stars. But one day someone got lazy and didn’t want to look up at the sky anymore. So he created a clock to tell him the time by cawing and making lots of noise so that he wouldn’t even have to look up at the clock-do you believe that?


Cats Ruled

That’s right, felines were the ultimate rulers of the world. They ruled with a sharpened claw and a fang-showing growl. The big ones ruled over all with the smaller ones who acted as their ‘police’. How did they lose that prestigious spot? Well, one day a smaller cat received a pet from one of the lower class. It felt so good that he went and told all of his fellow ‘police’ about it and they all raced to the lower class to get pets. When the king found out, he ranted and raved and warned that all would be destroyed if they didn’t come back to him; but then a brave servant reached over and petted the King….and it was all over-do you believe that?


Games were created by a woman to give her man something to do other than drink. She hoped he would get involved in the games and leave the drink alone. However, the games weren’t interesting enough for her husband so she taught them to her kids hoping they would grow up and still like them. Sadly, it didn’t work. The girls liked the games but the boys grew up to be just like their father………do you believe that?

Or, it could be that games were created by a man to give his wife something to do besides nagging him; but the girls grew up to nag just like their mother. Do you believe that?

Which One


A Strange Companion

A woman who was living alone decided to create herself a companion to help her through those long cold winter nights when even the hottest fire didn’t take away the chill of the wind. She gathered together everything that nature had to offer and she sewed, glued, taped, tied, and maneuvered all of the stuff together to make a companion. She set her companion up in a chair beside her where she sat by the fire. She told him all of her secrets, wishes and desires. One particularly cold night she went to bed and prayed for a real companion.

When she awoke, her companion was a real man holding his arms out to her for a big hug. She was overjoyed and raced to his wooden arms. That very afternoon, her new companion told her that he had been out in the garden and had seen a neighbor whom he adored and he wanted to go visit her. The woman, outraged that her very own creation would want such a thing, threw him in the fire and watched his leaves and branches burn to a crisp. After that, she decided to get a cat for company-do you believe that?

Be Honest About It

Are you a laugher or a frowner?

See results

A Man Seeks A Companion

He wanted one that would love him and support him through thick and thin. But he couldn’t find the right one. All the women he encountered either wanted more than he could afford, or wanted his attention 24/7 even when he was at work. One day, in desperation, he went to a bar telling himself that no matter what he would choose a female from the bar to be his companion before the night was out.

He arrived and found the bar nearly empty except for a male bartender, a scruffy looking man in one corner and a cat lounging on the bar. The man sat down and smiled for the night was still young and he had plenty of time. As the hours passed, he grew sad because no one else entered the bar except two more cats who curled up next to the one on the bar. Finally, just before closing, he asked the bartender why it was so empty. “Oh, I guess you didn’t hear, the bar next door is celebrating Lady’s Night and everyone is over there," the bartender said. "Tomorrow will be better but no guarantees ‘cause they are always coming up with something to draw people in.” The man sighed. He would have to come back tomorrow or go home empty handed. Just then one of the cats, a real scrawny yellow dirt ball, rubbed against his arm. He reached up to pet it and it purred. The bartender came over and asked the man if he would like the female cat because he couldn’t afford to keep all of them. The man smiled, he had found his woman, and he picked up the cat and left-do you believe that?


Last One

A woman goes into a brand new restaurant and sighs. The place was perfect with beautiful and luxurious decorations, a prestige clientele, and the food smelled wonderful. She was searching for an empty table when a young man dressed in a tuxedo approached her.

"Good evening," he said politely, "can I help you?"

"Yes, I am looking for a seat. Your food smells wonderful and I can't wait to try it."

"I am sorry, but the place is full. Would you like to be put on the list?"

"A list? Why I see many empty tables right here!"

"They are reserved," the man said.

Just then a woman came in. She was wearing a cat around her neck and several more were attached to her skirt. The young man waved her through. When she sat at a table, the cats all left her clothes and filled the waiting seats.

"I have to wait for the cats to eat?"

"Well, this is a cataurant, as our name implies."

When the woman left the restaurant she looked up at the sign. It read Feline Fabulous-do you believe that?

Laughter Really is Good for You

I hope I have helped to give you a better day. And I hope I have helped you to look at the world in a more comical way, even if it is not. Oh, and the next time you feel grumpy, try smiling at someone for no reason at all. It will drive them crazy trying to figure out what you knew that they did not. (chuckle, chuckle, lol)

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Cheryl Simonds


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