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Earning Money Online In Pakistan

Updated on March 26, 2016

Lesson No.1 - Be patient – Impatience is a poison for a freelancer

Long ago there lived an old man. He was on dead bed when he called his two sons; Ahmed and Mustafa, and gave each of them small plants. He told his sons that these plants are very special and would be ready to give fruit in few months enabling his sons to earn some good money.

Ahmed took great care of the plant and did his best to provide water, air, light and fertilizer. Thanks to his efforts in few months plant was ready to give fruit. On the other hand, Murtaza, other son of the old man also tried to take care of the plant but did not show patience. After providing water to the plant on daily basis he used to pick the plant, of and on, out of the soil to see whether it was properly growing or had some problem. The result was obvious. Due to impatience of Murtaza the plant faded and died in few days.

Online writing is just like that. A freelancer is just like a peasant who sows seeds and then work day and night and it takes time, efforts and hard work for getting real money. For a freelancer in the beginning the result may not be according to his expectations but he should not be disappointed as one has to work hard on long term basis to get one's recognized in the over populous world of internet. The day would come when your hard work will be recognized and rewarded by the nature as Lord never wastes the hard work of anyone. One day you will get the fruit.

A Blog is just like a small plant, which needs plenty of posts, links and reasonable time for optimization. The first lesson a newbie online freelance writers should learn is patience. If you keep doing good work; you will succeed. However, if you are here to earn hundreds of dollars in weeks, just in the beginning without indulging much efforts, I am afraid to say, you are living in a fools paradise. Despite earning money I am afraid that you could be a victim of one of online scams and would lose your hard earned money in minutes.

If you are looking for quick reward of your work, I think you may have to abandon your work very soon, as there is nothing like that for online writers. Some very successful freelancers have worked for years to get themselves recognized and now they are making thousands of dollars in a month.

Lesson No.2 – On which Topic you should write?

If you decided to be a freelance writer, next decision you need to take is; “In which field you would like to write?” Suppose you are O Level student and getting bored of your studies. Start a blog of each of your subject and start getting the notes of your subjects online in a blog. Invite your friends which will also be able to get help from your blog. In days your blog would go popular. There are other ways also which will make your blog popular. These methods are discussed in the later part of this page.

The easiest way to write online is blogging. What you can do with blogging? Through blogging, without having any technical knowledge about creating a website, you can exist on internet and let the world know about your existence. A freelancer may get his skills recognized and share his opinion and expertise. There are many blogging sites which offer freelancers to create blogs for free to share their photos, writings, latest news and hobbies.

How the newbie freelancer has to choose the subject of his blog. Think; total population of the world consists of trillions of inhabitants and each one sees the world with a different angle. So there is every probability that your point view may be of great value and unique contents of your blog may touch the hearts of many. Hence choosing a topic of blog is very important.

Ask a question to yourself, "In which topic I have the most experience and expertise?" What is the most favorite subject of my choice? It may sound easy but certainly a tricky question. Most of the people are unaware of the real potentials they have. Self assessment is always difficult. So you can get help from your loved ones.

The topic could be linked to your profession, your favorite game, your studies, news or anything else. For example, you have just watched a soccer match on TV. Why you should not write a review of that match or before start of the match you can give a prediction of the match. Some people are fond of watching TV serials, hence they can write a critical review on these serials. Religion could also be an area on which almost everyone could write and religious topics are quite popular too on the net. An easy way could be to write on more than one subject and request your friends and family to guide you in which topic you are the best. So go on and think for your first blog on that particular topic.

If you are new to the online writing, you should teach yourself to expect some unexpected responses. You may receive less overwhelming response in respect of blogs where you worked hard and the blogs which you think may get less attraction could generate handsome traffic. Don't be shaken up on the negative response and similarly don't be over-enthusiastic over the unexpected overwhelming response.

In the beginning you could never know which niche is most popular on the net. However, top search lists of Google, yahoo and Bing etc. can guide you in this context. You can use the “key word planner tool of “Google Adword”. You can find the most popular queries; people are searching on Google at You can also find out the top searched queries from Yahoo, Bing and other search engines quite easily. However, it may be kept in your mind that if the top searches are not of the area of your interests don't be worry. The people who write on the top searches may also have to tackle more competition, so continue writing on the area of your expertise.

However, there is still one thing more to learn and that is; "How to title your article?" It is important. Check out the Google adword tool as mentioned above. You can also search through by entering a search query and it is very common that you may get millions of entries. You being new in freelancing could never get your work on the first few pages on a search engine. So you may be more specific while giving title to your article and try your best to give a unique title to your article which also include the most popular searched key words.

Lesson No.4 – Where to Begin - which platform is most suited to you

4. Most of the freelancers in the beginning give least attention on selecting the blogging platform of their choice. If you are writing to make some money, the decision needs careful consideration. Most of the sites e.g. freelancer, ezinearticles, hubpages, wordpress and livenjournal allow freelancing for free. However, each site has distinct features. One has to visit each site and consider the features of each site to decide which one is much suited to his needs.

It is recommended to create your blogs on one platform instead of spreading them on different blogging sites. Most of the sites have rating standards. So if you blog frequently on a single freelancer site you may get a batter rating and ultimately more audience. Providing more links to your articles may increase the traffic. For example, write a hub on hubpages and then create an article on the sites like ezineartilces which allows you to link your site with the articles submitted to them.

Lesson No.5 – How to Optimize using third party platforms?

On the free blogging platforms one should have to do search optimization work on his own, which require expertise and bit technical work. This means that though you have created a fabulous blog but nobody could find it out through search engines unless you have made some hectic efforts to publicize your blog through various means. It is just like that you have a very special item to sell on unbelievable price but your shop is located in an area far away from the city. Nobody knows about your shop. So what you do. Certainly, you will get help from advertisement and publicity which costs you a lot and in the beginning you may not have sufficient funds for this purpose. Besides, you may prefer to have a shop in a popular plaza or mall.

For newcomers, it is recommended to choose sites like hubpages, triond, helium, associatecontents, essortment and many others. These sites have professionals and great mechanism to optimize the blogs/articles. They also have rating systems which is recognized by the search engines; hence if you get a better rating a better response from the online audience is a must. Only you have to do is to share the portion of the revenue. However, this should not be a matter of worry; as otherwise, it will take too long to generate traffic for your blog. This is the easiest way to makes others to read your opinions, areas of interest and so on. Besides, these sites have great tools to help you improve your writing skills. The skilled writers have plenty of opportunities to earn there.

Lesson No.6 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) your blog on your own

If you have decided to take a solo flight by crating blogs independently, optimization of your blog is to be done on your own. Search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc are the most significant sources to generate traffic to a blog. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means; increasing the ranking of your blog. People usually click on the websites/blogs appearing on the first page of the search engines. The ranking is determined by the search engines keeping in view the key words related to a particular search, Meta tags, relevancy of the material, number of posts & visitors it has and many other factors. For this purpose, register your blog with Google, yahoo and other search engines. You can use google webmaster tools to optimize the blog. To learn more visit:

As stated earlier, the search engines follow key words and many other factors to optimize a website, so you may use key words related to your tops. For more details read Google search engine optimization starter guide., which contains very useful information about SEO. You may email the address of your blog to your friends, which may also enhance the rank of your blog.

Lesson No.7 – Making money through your blog – How to post adsense adds on blog

Through your blog you can make some money. Blogging sites like Wordpress and Livejournal do not allow ads on your blog for free. However, is the site which allows ads on your blogs for free. Allowing ads on is quite easy. Just click on the button "Monetize". This button allows ads on your blog from adsense and amazone associates. You can also find other affiliates and allow their ads on your blog. By allowing ads on your blog you have the chance to earn some hard cash. The visitors of your blog may like to click on these ads and you will be able to win some money on each click. The thing to remember is that you should not do this on your own or ask some of your friends to click on these ads as this may force your affiliate associate like google Adsense to terminate your account and chances to earn would fade.

Lesson No.8 – How to Find Relevant Audience for your Work

Finding the relevant audience is also important aspect of freelancing. After creating your first blog and allowing ads on it, the next step is to know; who would like these contents. Whether the contents attract youngster, men, women or elderly people or any particular audience? Tell people about your blog. This can be done by getting yourself registered on social media networks like tweeter, facebook, delicious and badoo, etc. A list of social media networks is available on networking_websites.

Create your profile on these sites and add the addresses of your blogs there. Make friends and followers on these sites. If you have high quality and unique contents there is no reason why you may not get the attraction of the audience. Spread the addresses of your URL and not the contents. Spreading your contents will ultimately reduce the ranking just as it improves the ranks to have addresses on more and more sites. This is the most common mistake most of the newbie freelancers used to make.

Lesson No.9 – Consistent posts on your blog

Be consistent in pouring posts on your blog. Small posts are great. Don't deviate from your topic. Invite your relatives, colleague and friends to visit and post comments and if they found the blog interesting they may recommend others to visit your blog. Always encourage your audience to leave a comment about your blog.

Lesson No.10 – Take it as your permanent job giving hour or two daily

Don't lose your temperament and be consistent. Be in touch with your work. Your blogs are just like your plants or your pet. You have to take care of them just like your plant or pet. As stated above, freelancing needs lots of efforts to get recognized. Hence the first and the last tip for beginners is; "patience, patience & patience" and you will ultimately get the right status according to your capabilities, skills and potentials.


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      mquee 7 years ago from Columbia, SC

      Very good and solid advice for prospective writers. Thanks for sharing.