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Tips on How to become Comfortable in English

Updated on June 18, 2013

Today, English is considered to be the global language. In fact, a well-known writer and publisher named; Alejandro R. Roces believes that: “the world now is a global village and we cannot deny the fact that English is the closest to the world language”. From what he believes, English truly a remarkable language, since every nation has learned and adapt on how to communicate using English. Here in my Country, though, Filipino is our official language, English is usually a very important requirement in every professional aspect in life. And remember, if you are aiming a global success; learn its basic, “English”. Also, English is considered to be the language of business in the way that all official transactions are in this language. For example, in looking for a job, enable for you to be hired there is a particular test where a company would evaluate your critical thinking. Interview to be specific, most of the company requires its people to know how to understand, write, and interpret information in English. So, as a native Filipino or any other nationality with different native language, how can we get ourselves to be more comfortable when it comes to English? It is important for us to earn trust when it comes to our capability of speaking using the language of English, because, having the confidence in it would reflect how flexible you are as a person since it is something that is not normal from the day you learned to understand. So, if you’re one of the individual who find English something unfavorable when it comes to confidence in using it as a medium of expressing your words, here are some tips that can help you.

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Read more | Source

1. Read, read, and read

Reading books, articles, comics, magazines and other reading materials can help you to become comfortable in English. You may do this, if possible, every day, but it depends on your mood. It is important to ask yourself first, whether, you’re in a mood in reading or not. You can learn more why is it important to consider your mood before reading in the link on the side. Anyway, reading can enhance your capability to understand and comprehend information in English, as you understand the situation. Once you've learned on how to attach yourself from what you read, it can help you become comfortable with it as well. The idea is that, when you’re used to read and understand materials in English, your mind would also adapt the type of language that you are reading since, you do it more often. Remember, practicing makes perfect, and relating to reading, it makes perfect as well. While, there are people who find’s reading a boring activity to do. So, it’s best to read materials that truly interest you. In my case, I would go on novels and adventure inspired materials. So read, and read a lot to help you be more comfortable in English. Here’s a fact about reading: Studies shows that, students who read more for pleasure increases test scores.

Write it on a small index card then read them several times.
Write it on a small index card then read them several times. | Source

2. Learn 3 - 5 words everyday

After reading, it’s normal that you would encounter thousands of new and strange word on every material or topic that you would tackle. So, for you to understand its essence, grab a dictionary, find its meaning, and attach yourself in the story. Learning new words everyday also increases the chance of becoming comfortable in English. Since, you have information that you can share based on the fact form what you had read after understanding its meaning. So, bringing a packet size dictionary can be handy and write them on a small index card and read them several times for your mind to sync them in.

Check on useful and informative websites
Check on useful and informative websites | Source

3. Check on websites dedicated in using English as its primary Language

Reading from books and other materials can help a lot. But exploring the world of the internet can be better. Since, the internet access are used by almost all individual in the world, taking the advantage of availability, learn from all sites that you can find. In the internet, there are sites where Forums, live conversations, and other chatting that can enhance your ability to express things in English. For example, social networks, you can stay there for a while, and join those using English to express your words. We also have, Hubpages, where talented authors are in one community. Wherein, people share facts, tips and other staff that can help you becoming comfortable in English. In fact, I myself wasn't perfect, by now; you might have spotted an error from my writing. But remember there is always a room for improvement, and featured site in the internet is always available to help you.

Watch and learn!
Watch and learn! | Source

4. Watch Movies in English language

I actually learned speaking in English when I was about 7 or 8 years old. Those are Basic English where I learned from watching cartoon movies and shows, which speak the language of English. So, if I were you, start collecting DVDs and have fun watching them. Not only you’ll find yourself comfortable in English but, watching English movies can also give you benefits such as speaking style, words to be used and accent.

Practice in front of a mirror. Though, I am not in this photo, anyway crazy enough in those time, super fun, enjoy life too. (sort of irrelevant)
Practice in front of a mirror. Though, I am not in this photo, anyway crazy enough in those time, super fun, enjoy life too. (sort of irrelevant) | Source

5. Read your reading materials a loud

From the first four tips, basically, it discusses in how to be more familiar and comfortable in English with your mind. While, the fifth tip talks about how to apply it on your own in the means of, reading it, in a loud level of vocals. So, you’re a little bit used to English environment by your own efforts. Next thing to do is, physically, and vocally, practice speaking using English to present something. Practicing in front of a mirror won’t be that bad, not as you’ll be told crazy but, it’s called practicing. Anyway, stand up confidently in front of it, then start reading materials that you have in a loud voice. Repeat doing it until you memorize not only the words, but as well as, the transition, accent, and proper timing of everything you do while you speak. And you’re also helping yourself to face your fear since, some finds English frustrating and terrifying.

Don't be shy, stand up and express what you have. Take a risk and learn a lesson.
Don't be shy, stand up and express what you have. Take a risk and learn a lesson. | Source

6. Participate in class discussion, meeting, and other gathering.

Since, you have practice speaking in English with proper self-observation in front of a mirror. Take a risk by participating in class if you’re a student. When you’re having a class discussion, grab the spotlight, stand up, and speak your mind. Remember, in class or other circumstance, especially if, opinions are well appreciated, any answers are all right. So, don’t be scared to share the world what you have inside, same as to meetings or other gathering. Use all what you've learn from recent tips and this tip can help you lot better.

7. Assess yourself

Finally, if you’re thinking for more tips, well, try to observe yourself after following those tips and doing it. You’re on the right track my friend, successively, after engaging yourself to the world that uses the language of English. You’re mind has come to a state, where you are adapting to a kind of language which is unknown in your nature. Then, you also did apply it yourself, through practicing in front of the mirror out loud. Additionally, participating in class or other group discussion, where you can enhance and apply your English speaking potential. As well as, participating can be more helpful towards yourself confidence and self-appreciation as you assess yourself on every achievement. For this final tip, grab a note, list all your achievement, think about it, and assess everything. From the beginning, till now, and figure out yourself whether what are the things you need to enhance more.

So, doing all those tips can truly help you to become confident and comfortable when it comes to English speaking. I am a proof for your achievement as I apply it myself to further enhance my capability in confidently express my words through speaking. Moreover, speaking in English requires all competence that you can have yourself, linguistically, pragmatically competent. Just follow those tips, and I assure you, you’ll be finding yourself speaking confidently in front of everybody.

Try these in assessing yourself

Assessment level
1. You have speak in front of everybody else in English
I did, not yet, never
2. Writing and composing in English
I did, not yet, never
3. Understand and interpret information from English
I did, not yet, never

Note: From the three sample assessment for your self's achievement using English language, if you answered most is "I did", it means your going well. If, "not yer", you need to work more on the tips. And if "never", double time everything, start from

How comfortable you are in English?

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