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Updated on September 26, 2011

I'm so tired of being lonely,
I'm so tired of being blue.
I'm so tired of being crazy
About a crazy girl like you.
I'm so tired of being sorry
For the things I never said.
So tired of feeling foolish
For the things I almost did.

So tired of feeling restless
When I have no place to go.
So tired for all the reasons
That I guess I'll never know.
So tired of dreaming dreams
About the dreams we never had.
So tired of slipping off the tracks
And going slightly mad.

I'm so tired of being on my own
When you should be with me.
So tired of always thinking 'bout
The way that things should be.
So tired of all the bullshit,
The things that interfere
With the way that things should be;
You know I need you here.

I'm so tired of all the trouble
That I caused you in the past.
I guess I thought a good thing
Was strong enough to last.
I'm so tired of being mixed up,
These thoughts trapped in my head.
I'm so tired of the lonely nights
I spend alone in bed.

I'm so sorry that our perfect love
Just didn't seem to work.
Most of all I'm sorry
For being such a jerk.
I understand the way you feel,
And why you had to go.
But my love is stronger still
Than you will ever know.

I cannot find the words to say
The things I truly feel.
I know to you it seems the words
Would come if it were real,
But when I lay awake at night,
And listen to my heart,
Each lonely beat, so deep inside,
It tears my soul apart.

And when I wake up lonely
And I face the day again,
The first thought in my heart
Is how I lost my truest friend.
I'm so tired of being sorry,
The fault is all my own.
This bitter fruit I harvest
Is from seeds that I have sown.


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    • profile image

      Prime Elder 7 years ago

      Pretty impressive! Would make a good blues tune.

    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 7 years ago

      Well expressed. The photos go well with the poem too. Beautiful !