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The Girl of Scarlet Songs

Updated on February 4, 2016

It laid there, that caressing tune,
Floating among the suspended dust,
Ever reflected by the sun.

All while hearing music in moments that
Remind me of my ever-fleeting desire.

It's a need, a calling,
not by bound by words,
but by through the tide's reflection.

Never what lays ahead,
But forever what I hold now.

In one instance is this an image,
One that only a single word can justify:


Absolution and restitution,
Feeling the red music in one instance,
And hearing the nightingale's song the next.

But none of these are feelings:

All of this, is you.

One look into your eyes,
And you know I see the world.

One hint from your voice,
And forever do I hear songs.

The echo of my dreams,
The universe of my redemption,

You are the story I never knew,
The girl of scarlet songs.


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