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To Be At War No More

Updated on February 26, 2013

I do not like this war

It has spread far from battle line

Man fights man

Woman fights woman

Child fights child

It is a war of selfishness

One that refuses to end

A product of an uncertain generation

With no goal in sight

The winner seeking only existence

I refuse to fight the battle

I refuse to play the game

I refuse to be at war with people I do not know

I refuse to label

I refuse to take sides

What does the winner gain?

They say “To the victors go the spoils”

But what spoils does this war produce?

Success! Fame! Fortune!

Spoils to be gained at too great a price

I do not like this war

I do not even know my enemy

I long to be at peace

To silence the battle cry

To know love once more

I do not like this war

It is a battle fought in silence

It is a battle fought without shame

I do not like this war

Ambition is its name


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    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California

      Wars are brought to us, and we have no choice