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To Dance To Dream

Updated on November 28, 2012

Full moon

Enveloping the night sky

Shining brightly

In the dark

Under this celestial orb

The world comes to life

All of night's creatures

Dance in the midst of its light

A nocturnal glow

The dance becomes a dream

As beings sway to and fro

Dancing to nature's orchestra

The cricks chirp

The wind whistles

The night bird sings

All is beautiful

All is good

This is the dance of night

This is the dream of love

I take your hand

Dance with me!

We shall become one

Under celestial light

Our dance will become our dream

Our eternity belongs to the universe

Tonight we dance

Tonight we dream

Soon we will sleep

As stars watch over us

Guarding us

Loving us

Embracing us

Love me forever

And I will love you

Dance with me

Dream with me

Sleep with me

My love.


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