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To Her With Love

Updated on May 13, 2019
Asad Dillz profile image

This article is written by "AS Qais", he is an expert writer. This article is about LOVE, SACRIFICES and MIRACLES.

I am at a loss of words as to where I should begin to tell the story of how great love can be. The sweet love story that is older than the sea. Where should I start, as I find no lead to make a beginning.

With my being in the world, she wished me the first " HELLO" and came into my little private life. As I grew up, our mutual love progressed and now she totally fills my heart. She has filled my soul with so much love that it makes me think as to how can such sincerity exist in the world full of selfishness. She has covered my face with such sweetened kisses that it makes me think as to how can kisses as sweet as hers ever exist. And she has enlightened my mind with such clear thinking and bright ideas that I find it hard to believe as to how can such high moral standards be possible. She has completely dominated my personality.

She has always provide me with a real happy and enjoyable life. This lady is the one from whose delicate fragrance my house has become a blossom of roses.She has turned my little cosy and comfortable home into a garden of Eve.The lovely lady only sort who is always there to keep the living spirits of my family alive. Her wisdom is the key to all little problems of life. Her capability of handling any kind of business dealing admirably without destroying the peace of her house.

The memories of the time I have spent with her are the most precious ones. All those songs she sung to me and the stories she narrated. Those sleepless night she spent- whenever I had trouble up my sleeve. All wise words she spoke in all these years in a desperate effort to make me understand the difference between good and bad. All the patience of hers that it took to make naughty child take interest in studies. Her sitting for hours and hours listening to my lessons, to get me through tough exams. All those lovely trips and excursion we had together, her presence making them look delightful and fascinating.

She faces the hardships of life with the courage of a lioness. She would stand by me in all times of need and bring me out of dark into light.Her positive thinking, straight forwardness, sound reasoning and broad mindedness are the qualities by virtue of which I find myself discussing with her my most delicate and difficult problems and she has always steered me out of them by suggesting is the most appropriate solution.

Her feel is the most magnetic the most living and the most attractive. Lying with her in bed on weekends resting my head on her arms and she slowly caressing my hair with her delicate fingers is a feeling for which words fall short. But one thing is for sure. It is the most sincerest happiest and soothing feel I have ever experienced. Her emotion, like her sort is also the only one of it's kind. It's the emotion you experienced when you feel being kissed by the greatest personality in the world. It's the sense which I can at once recognize among infinite number of feelings for it has it's own special taste and flavor. It's the discern that whenever I feel it I wish that time should cease.

I believe in Love at first sight, because
I love my mom since I opened my eyes.

© 2019 Asad Dillz Khan


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