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Letter To A Government Official

Updated on July 1, 2017

We cannot live without water.

Now turn Americas water back on.
The fishes, and wildlife needs it you see to sustain life
Yes even lizards and snakes (yuck)

Truth is all living things need water in order to survive
Without it we would die
Yes even a witch can survive water on her skin
The fairy Tale
In books written
About the witch who shriveled
And died when water touched her skin
Is a Made up Fantasy and not reality

All creatures great and small requires water
If Oil contaminates our water
It then contaminates our soil
If our soil is contaminated
Then our crops
Our food supply is
No longer safe

Our food supply you see comes from the ground
And watered by irrigation systems that
Gets its source from Mother nature (rain)
Rivers, streams and lakes
Those lakes in turn
Feeds our oceans, canals
Our drinking water system

The Canal
from which your fishes catch
Will harm all creatures great and small
And so in closing I implore you
Keep my water free of contaminants
And turn my water system back on

Or acts of contrition
You will be made to perform
As your God is watching everything you do

Signed: Hiawatha or rather sweet Mary Lou


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