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To The Smokey Peaks

Updated on August 13, 2015

...To the Smokey Peaks

Laid foot onto a long journey again
Eyeing smokey peaks ignoring disdain
Embracing graveled paths with elan
Seared feet and skin in the volcanic sun
The greys in near-sight seem uninterested
The eyes blaze yet they seem rested
The smokey darkness ahead still illuminates
The dark skies inhibit moistening traits
The sides provide spurts of adrenaline
Enough for the hustling soul to fly clean
A beaten body and an exhausted mind
Still try to exude sparks in the rough grind
A time in time when timeless tales are told
The battered soul barely refuses to fold
And restarts with baby steps in chaos
Unperturbed by virtue of fueling pathos
Thanking the pains that recuperated
Focusing on the calm shine almost sedated
It didn't matter beholding gravels anymore
Even if there was just fogginess in store
The soul survives despite lethal leaks
And strives incessantly for the smokey peaks


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