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To all good young MEN(African Swami Proverb).

Updated on December 4, 2015

To all Good MEN, who seek to treasure their temple, Increasing their POWER, whille deminishing the force of hate and the past Nirvana.


To all good young MEN.

To all the Righteous Men( To all Young MEN)

I wrote a Poem for all young MEN

Nqobizwe we should be closer, yet beyond our power and control we are brothers, we need to stand together, family at the end of the day, has the last say, ..........i also sent this Poem to Bongiwe.

I wrote a Poem for all young MEN Who are good role models, elaborating consuming all the pleasures of the world moderately. Who espire to establish their belief system‎ career and start a family their heritage.
Ultimately we (children) are created out of love that our mother had for our Father, as she let's him into her heart, and our Father lead, protect and provide by example.
I Put Mama Khulu Prof Guardian My Mother ‎Mkhize and Bongiwe as the leading women in my family tree.
With Boundless Love Nkosinathi ‎

To all Young MEN.....

Could you be iNgilosi


I am speechless, at a loss for words...
Yet I know that you are on my mind, I can not
stop thinking about you?

What you have shown me so far, I am deeply touched.
I would not want to rush you, you worth more thanthat.
There is more to you then what meets the eye‎.
You smart.
Beautifully attractive.
You laughter is cleansing, it's as though I am in the presence of God.
Being around you is Heaven, yet we are still human we sin.
Ask the Lord to go forth and sin no more.

Surely to dwell in your heart, is one of the safest places on earth, I can see the goodness and clarityin your judgement and choices.
I wish I was a part of your family.
So you could care for me, like you do your mother father, brothers and sister.So you can ask me to cook dinner, and do the dishes after meals.

I would do anything to see you happy?

Depending on what it is your heart desires?

I pray God gives me health.That I make the right choices.See, spot and stay away from evil and bad intentions.
Be cosy, have land for our children to grow upin a loving home.

For us to worship our union which is blessing from God and us making the right choices to preserve our hearts minds before we met physically after all these years, so our souls can be one.
What I am trying to say is,
You are everything I ever dreamed of in a woman and human being.I could never waste your time.
The question is could we ever have hurt each other?

I believe, not if we know that happiness is not of our own deeds, yet time which is granted by God.

If you asked me what I wanted to do with the time, God has given me 4 months ago, the list was endless.

Ask me today, what I would do with my time,I would grasp the opportunity to spend my time,my days on earth, with you nourishing ‎our dreams, oh what I would give, just to see a permanent smile on your face, no matter what life may throw at us.

Faithfully Crafted by Nkosinathi Ncala
Gods Poet Nkosi

Bongiwe Baby Joyce is on Earth, My God.......
Jabu Black Dillinger Dad is GLAD he and Mama Joyce Thembani Ncala have a Grand Son Nkgwete‎ and Grand Daughter Baby Joyce.........
You are On earth and young and a doctor and you are my greatest Resource and asset on this earth, it would be foolish not to wish you well, Your glory is my comfort........

Jabu said I should tell you FEAR nothing adversity has no friends, be cautious !
You are the daughter of Gods HEART Ma's Love and Heritage...................

Ps Your Spiritual Name is Dr Bongiwe " Baby Theme" Tlailane.......‎

There are 15 professors to come under your family tree directly through your Joy, pain and labour.

Beyond the boundaries of Love Nkosinathi Jabu Jnr "43" Ncala Gods Poet Nkosi‎‎


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