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"To the Ace"

Updated on June 23, 2014

I'm frightened of the darkness, of a life that I can't see

Of things I know you cherished before you cherished me

I'm frightened of the darkness and afraid to let it show

Afraid your past will call you. Afraid that you will go

I'm frightened of competing - that I'm not good enough

That not one thing about me could be worthy of your love

I hang on all your promises, on every word you say

And timidly believe you when you tell me you will stay

I offer up my kindness and pray you'll understand

the way in which it's given... Mine is the open hand

I sacrifice for freedom because it fits you well

I'm happy for your happiness. But I hurt, and I can't tell

I tread ever so lightly on every word I speak

Some I have to work around and some I have to keep

I want to make it easy like loving you should be

but I want it to be perfect, you mean so much to me

If ever I should lose you, it's supposed to be, I know

But surely I'd be broken if I had to let you go

Even if the part of you that's mine is very small

I'd trade all of my lifetime for loving you at all

A thousand stars can't light the sky as sunlight on your face

The highest under Heaven ... that's why I call you, "Ace"

A voice that tells a story with gentle, warming ease

And eyes that could write volumes, that sparkle just to tease

With all my heart I love you. With my love, I set you free

And pray the love you speak of will bring you back to me.


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    • lissamasters profile image

      Melissa S Masters 3 years ago from Massachussetts

      Thank you!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      Very touching and lovely.