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To A Guardian Angel

Updated on September 8, 2013

So sweet kind, my beloved canine, you gave with all your might. Your love, your smile, you're heart combined. With all you shared your flight.

A long and varied life you've had. Through many years you've lived. Sometimes I wonder why you stayed with us through all our tears.

You bathed the cats. How wild was that! It was just because you cared. When no mom was around, you snuggled with them. Showing them love in her stead.

Always watchfull of family, you never missed a beat. And even when feeling sickly you'd jump up to your feet.

To check up on your children, yes those children of mine. Whenever they were sad or wild, you always saw them shine.

And when my brothers visited, your favorite you did choose. It helps when he'd reciprocate, there was no way to refuse.

My dearest friend you've been with us for so many years. And when you left us late last night you brought on many tears

You were our friend in more than one, way this is for sure. You will be missed my precious one but I am glad you'll not endure.

Further pain or suffering, further difficult nights. I am glad to know however dear, that you had a wondrous flight

Kari Shinal Copyright 1-31-08


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    • seeker59 profile image

      seeker59 10 years ago from Alberta, Canada


      I know how painful it is for you to have lost Danka. Knowing she is running around and playing now without the pain she was in. Please accept my condolences for you and your boy’s.

      Here is a Poem I have just written I do pray you keep all the good times in mind.

      Loving Pets

      Our pets are not just animals

      as they become just like a child,

      Only because they play like one

      when they start to run wild.

      We love them with all of our

      hearts even when they get crazy,

      They can not pick up after themselves

      does not mean they are lazy.

      Lay down in our way on the beds

      and sleep during the day,

      Then want to play all night long

      does not matter what you say.

      Leaving their toys where you

      do not expect them in that place,

      As they already know that is your

      own private resting space.

      These are the things we remember

      the most of their aging years,

      This is what normally makes us think

      of all the happiness bringing on the tears.

      Those are what makes them stay

      in our hearts with their memories,

      We can arrange it so we can tell everyone

      of all those times in memorable stories.

      Written by,

      Michael Derowin

      © 2007

      Kari I do hope you enjoy this as well as everyone else who reads this.

      Your poet friend,

      Michael Derowin

    • Tuatha profile image

      Kari Shinal 10 years ago from AZ


      I so agree with you hun. She is and will always be missed. She showed unconditional love as so many pets do. I was proud to be her friend. :)


    • profile image

      Holly 10 years ago

      Beautiful again, all of us who have owned pets, knows the distress of losing those loved ones. Their loyalty never knew no bounds and their love was always there no matter what.

      This poem will bring back many sad memories for the readers but also a lot of wonderful cherished memories we hold so dear of those that we loved and they loved us so much.

      There is no greater reward in our world then that of our pets, they ask for nothing but in their way, even though they cannot speak, they do with their eyes, give and return love. What a blessing.