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Updated on July 7, 2016

Beside me sat a precious gift

The one I hold most dear

The crystal skies we gazed upon

Reflected in a tear

And as we watched the clouds roll by

On gentle summer days

We saw them drift and slowly change

In never ending ways

They swept her up to play among

The wonders that were there

And seeing things that all kids do

She named them each with care

The bunnies, fish and dinosaurs

Created piece by part

Her smile begged to share with me

The magic in her heart

The promises of days to come

Fell softly on her face

The innocence of simple times

And growing up with grace

But in the place of cars and cats

And butterflies and bees

I saw my life in those same clouds,

Perched high above the trees

There was a time when thinking of

The passing of lost years

Would dampen even sunny thoughts

Renewing hidden fears

But on this day, her bright blue eyes

Have made the gloom a blur

She’s changed my life in countless ways

I owe it all to her

Then suddenly, new shapes came forth

Each one a new surprise

With visions of her first day here

Reflected in my eyes


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