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Toes of Time

Updated on November 9, 2016

Little toes of time and essence, she witnesses a faultless pattern for change! I am here at this window standing as one, overlooking the terrain of all sunset promises. Blonde hair sluggishly falling around a fearful canvas and all I am permitted to see are the flowers of my forthcoming enticements. Long, yet short, I feel the need to dram beyond the soles which has traveled before me! Shattered, petite feet standing still as all can be and I glare down upon the only set of feet that could clench the ability to scamper toward her dreams, for my dear soul has been relocated! Toes of time; this time; my time, for she has decided to hurdle up next toward the entire threshold of artists before me and challenge a proper tumble! I tread to increase, for visions must take wind and I have floated many moons, ancient. My time to dream is today, reflecting the very pound of my next breath! Toes of time, I endure!


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