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Tolkien Two-Set Book Collection With Amazing Facts and Illustrations

Updated on March 7, 2020
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Two-Set Collection of Tolkien Memorabilia

A wonderous collection of facts and illustrations from the world of Tolkien
A wonderous collection of facts and illustrations from the world of Tolkien | Source
amazing facts, illustrations, and memorabilia for Tolkien fans
amazing facts, illustrations, and memorabilia for Tolkien fans | Source

Two-Set Book Collection for Tolkien Fans

David Day's amazing two-set collection of Tolkien facts, descriptions of characters, art work and the environments in which the characters lived will be a must-have collection for Tolkien fans. Both books are a comprehensive collection of all things Tolkien with amazing illustrations.

His Encyclopedia of Tolkien-The History and Mythology That Inspired Tolkien's World is an alphabetized list of characters, definitions of vocabulary and terms from the world of Tolkien, and beautifully illustrated pages of mythological characters that fill the world of Tolkien. Day includes a comprehensive collection of factual charts that are chronologically written of the history behind the Tolkien world. He also includes chapters about the Three Primary Ring Legends: Norse Ring, German Ring, and Wagner's Ring. Readers will find this book a fascinating collection of information that even the long-time fans might not know. This beautiful book is bound in beautifully done leather and includes a book mark. Both casual fans of Tolkien and the seasoned readers of all things Tolkien will want to add this book to their bookshelf. Day presents his material in alphabetical order which makes it easy for readers to find information about their favorite characters from the history, and will discover others that they may not know. Legends, information about the sources that Tolkien used in his writing, and over 200 hundred illustrations done in classic black and white make this an important addition to Tolkien fans.

The Encyclopedia of Tolkien-The History and Mythology That Inspired Tolkien's World was published by Canterbury Classics and Printers Row Publishing Group. It has an ISBN of 978-1-64517-009-9.

The Illustrated World of Tolkien

Day's The Illustrated World of Tolkien is the second in this two-set collection. The featured art work is a special part of this book. Illustrations are done in both color and black and white in this gorgeous edition of all things Tolkien. The Hobbits are featured in amazing details for Tolkien fans. The Elves of Tolkien's world are also featured. Readers will find this edition to be a comprehensive collection of facts about their favorite characters and some characters that even the most experienced Tolkien readers might not remember. Readers will also find the illustrations of the dragons of Tolkien's world to be of interest. The evolution of the art of Tolkien's world is fascinating reading. The art of Tolkien's world is my personal favorite part of this book.

Readers will learn historical information about the world of Tolkien from the beginning of the artwork to the huge variety of historical areas that Tolkien visited and included in his writings. Come along with Day as he describes the locations of Tolkien's characters throughout Europe. The battles are described in comprehensive details.

Each illustrator who contributed to Day's The Illustrated World of Tolkien writes of their intense work with producing each illustration. This edition is truly a remarkable collection of the art of Tolkien. Day includes a brief autobiography of each illustrator who contributed to this volumn.

The Illustrated World of Tolkien was published by Thunder Bay Press. It has an ISBN of 978-1-64517-131-7.

Fascinating Illustrations From This Two-Set Collection

Notable character
Notable character | Source
Dragons | Source

A Few Fascinating Facts From Each Book

"In the beginning, Tolkien tells us that in his cosmogony (creation myth) Eru's thoughts took the form of entities known as the Ainur, or Holy Ones, vastly powerful spirits that are comparable to the Judeo-Christian angels and archangels." From The Illustrated World of Tolkien.

"Arda: the High Elven (Quenya) name for Tolkien's fictional world emcompanssing the mortal lands of Middle-earth and the immortal Undying Lands of Aman, Arda, Tolkien insisted, is not another planet, but our world: the planet Earth." From The Encyclopedia of Tolkien-The History and Mythology That Inspired Tolkien's World.

© 2020 Cindy Hewitt


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