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Tom Swifties

Updated on February 9, 2011

Tom Swifties - Single words

Enjoy the Tom Swifties below:

"Lovely to meet you, Mrs. Rockefeller", she said happily.

"I'll definitely disembark from this cruise ship," he assured.
"I'd love some chocolate milk", he said quickly.

"How about a gin fizz?" she asked slowly.

"Get out of here; three's a crowd", he said oddly.

"I hate this camera", she said candidly.

"I'd prefer apple", she said tartly.

"Come here, Mr. Russell", she said curtly.

"I'm part Native American", she shared.

"Rover, come here", she barked.

"I need a two on this next blackjack hand", he deduced.

"I have to milk the cow", she uttered.

"That government is ripe for a takeover", she cooed.

"I hate tobacco", he spat.

"That's a great song", she intoned.

"What a wonderful laundry detergent", he cheered.

"I hate cocaine", she snorted.

"I love big trees", she opined.

"It's a large growth", he insisted.

"That man must be an accountant", he figured.

"What yummy candy", he chuckled.

"I hate that dog", she bitched.

"I'll kill her and then bury her in the yard", he plotted.

"Finish your math homework", he added.

"I'm an inpatient", she admitted.

"I said I wanted ginger", he snapped.

"I crashed the car", she sobbed.

"These are my lions", he said with pride.

"I think your company should go public", he offered.

"Funny you should mention bread", he said wryly.

"I need another box", she said woodenly.

"I'm running in the race", she relayed.

"Maybe I'll see Bob tonight", she hoped.

"I l-love Reuben", she stuttered.

"I want the Merlot", he whined.

"I'm driving from Texas to New Mexico to Arizona", he stated.

"I enjoy a strong cup of Italian coffee", she expressed.

"That man tried to sneak into my window", she alledged.

"My heart feels weird", she murmured.

"I lost the football game", he bawled.

"I don't want to read 'Moby Dick'", she wailed.


Tom Swifties - Double Words


"That little man told me an untruth," she implied.

"I'm no longer Amish," he explained.

"Oh, no! My family tartan came down off the wall," he said, crestfallen.

"I thought that as a VIP I'd get a free jet," she complained.

"How would I audition for your Church singing group?" she inquired.

"That woman is not wearing colored contact lenses," she realized.

"All the males in the village rejected the fallen woman," he mentioned.

"The lawyers in that office want to hire you", she affirmed.

"Why did she make only a single stupid utterance?" he wondered.

"The volume on that ringer needs to be turned up!" he bellowed.

There's no way I'm going to my graduation dance," he promised.

That stalk of grass belongs to the girl," he said hurriedly.

"That fancy tea trend is out of style," she chided.

"I just nabbed me a football player from the NY Giants!" she proclaimed.

"That dame broke her leg," he broadcasted.


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