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Life is busy, so I say...after...

Updated on March 25, 2011

A Poem In Two Parts

I wrote this poem in high school many years ago. The words still hold true in my life today. I hope by reading it you get the meaning behind the two voices in the poem.

Good morning dear,

your day’s beginning.

You say you will

so I wait –

Longing to hear your voice.

you speak to them,

yourself, to no one,

but not to me except –


Again I wait

longing more to hear you,

to tell you things are all right,

that I will take your burden.

You briefly mumble to me,

share a thought or comment,

you say you will –


Day’s end draws near,

you say it’s time,

but quickly change your mind.

As one more obligation arises,

I’ll wait I say, I love you.

Sorry, you say, I’m sorry.

Goodnight my dear and rest.

I AM – still here – waiting;

I still desire to hear your thoughts

your worries

your fears

your praises.

I whisper, please ponder my words,

my concerns



You will,

we will,

I wait, until –


The day goes on.

I say I will,


Later still

I say again,



We will talk --

I will share my thoughts

my worries

my fears

my praise.

I will read –

I will ponder your words,

your concerns



It’s time I say,

but think again


The day is closing.

I still could,

but say I’m sorry.

The long day ends –

would’ve should’ve could’ve

cross my crashing mind.

I’m sorry –

we will tomorrow,



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