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Updated on January 21, 2010

Toot - Toot -Toot

We just moved from the city

To the country, open wide

At night I hear strange noises

Under my covers I do hide!

There is a noise that’s far away

I hear it from my bed

I hear a toot - toot - tooting

"That’s a train." my Mommy said

And then last night I heard a sound

Oh ... that sound was foul!

Mommy laughed, said "Silly boy."

"That was just an owl."

All these night time noises

That the city never had

Now today is day time

I’m going exploring with my dad

There’s meadow, trees and pretty hills

And clouds in the blue skies

But on a post, behind a fence

There’s a sign ... to my surprise!

"This is private property!"

"Trespassers you keep out!"

"No Hunting and No Shooting"

That’s IT! I yell and shout!

I ran home yelling this will work!

No Hunting and No Shooting

I’ll make a sign and post it out

No Hooting and No Tooting!

Written by Jackie Clayton

Copyright © 2009


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