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Top 10 Best Quotes About Life Part 2

Updated on March 15, 2014

No two lives are identical. We all take different paths and embrace varied ideals. Life is never easy as we are bound to face one challenge after another along the way. Are you currently stuck in figuring out a solution to a confusing dilemma in life? Cheer up mate! Remember that it’s not about whether it can be solved or not since the solution is just hidden somewhere. The real challenge is how you’ll discover it. To give you some inspiration, here is a list of the Top 10 Best Quotes about Life I compiled from various sources both online and offline. I hope at least one of these quotes can make you realize that life regardless how hard it might be is a gift worth thanking for.

Fear not since every challenge in life is meant to strengthen, not harm you. Amidst trials, be brave enough to face it head on and use everything you have to put up a decent fight. Whether you end up victorious or not is not important. It’s the lessons that you learn throughout the whole experience that makes everything worth it. Just remember to carry a smile and take each step with a hopeful heart and you’ll never go wrong.

Our main goal in life is to search for happiness and contentment. Thus we should focus on things that can’t be controlled by money or any other worldly factors. The excitement of power and money might be enough to fill your time for a few years but you’ll always be hungry. You’ll end up like many before us who lived and died emotionally and spiritually unsatisfied. Invest on wonderful memories, collect true friends, be mesmerized by various beauties our world has to offer, and cherish every single moment with your family. Through these methods alone can we truly enjoy life and spend each second of it wisely.

Life is teeming with unfair situations. Don’t expect it to be easy. Our society itself is built around an idea where some people are privileged while others are hungry for things that they actually deserve. But then again, instead of complaining, molding ourselves to live with this injustice is a better option. We should never let our corrupted society change us. Why not become the small fragment of light amidst the darkness? There’s still hope that the society that our grandchildren will dwell on in the near future will be a better one. And it’s up to us to stand for what we think is right and make the necessary amendments before it’s too late.

Have you tried riding a bicycle without any destination in mind? Such experience was among my favorites when I was just a kid. It relaxes me while providing some free time for me to think of wonderful things I want to do in the near future. Life can be closely compared to riding a bicycle as it requires movement. No matter what you do or how a situation ends up, never stop. Move on and use the experience to be stronger and ready to face tomorrow.

The fact that life can only be experienced once, concerns most of us. This means every decision you made or bound to make can’t be undone. Because of this, many fear that they might end up choosing the wrong path or committing on something that won’t matter in the end. The fear of the unknown is truly overwhelming, yet it’s important to deal with it accordingly or it will keep us from enjoying life to the fullest. Courage and optimism combined is the antidote to the poison brought about by such fear. Be hopeful as you flip your coin and be brave enough to spend it on one thing you believe is worthwhile.

We often dream about impossible things we want to do like flying, becoming a superhero, operating a gigantic robot, or having a date with a known celebrity. However, most of us fail to understand that the best dreams often happen when we are wide awake. There are countless of beautiful things in life that are just lying in a corner waiting to be discovered. There are trillions of unique individuals, thousands of beautiful creatures, and hundreds of breathtaking sceneries worldwide. These numbers alone should be more than enough to excite you about life and the limitless possibilities that come with it.

You can’t totally be happy if you always stop and compare your life with others. We need to venture different paths in searching for true happiness. Never be afraid to try new things. Be excited for every new challenge as each of them leads to a door towards growth. Do what you love and be vigilant in improving your gifts and you’ll sooner or later find a purpose in life that will draw you nearer towards happiness and contentment.

Don’t let sadness fill your heart. The light of hope might be dim but it’s never lost. There’s no such thing as an unsolvable problem. If you think today is the saddest, tomorrow is certain to be a happier one. Yes, there’s time to mourn, but never let it be a hindrance for you to enjoy life and the wonders that it brings. Let time heal your wounds and embrace every chance to be happy once more.

Challenges are icings of the delicious cake we called life. They are not meant to break us, but they mold us to become fine diamonds one day. If something awful happened, never blame yourself or anyone. Instead, be curious and discover the possible reasons behind it. Learn from the experience and transform it into a stepping stone towards a refined you.

Time is our enemy. We can’t take back any second spent in our life so we should be wise on how we use them. Nevertheless, success in life varies from one person to another. Others think of it as having as much money anyone could have. Some search for it in fame while a few believe that to be truly successful in life means doing the things that can make you happy. Regardless how you see it, always remember to focus your attention on things in life that truly matter and those that would last for a lifetime. Forget about investing on those that can only provide temporary pleasure. Family, true friends, and wonderful memories, are just a few of the many worthwhile treasures which make life worth living.

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    • profile image

      Julie K Henderson 

      3 years ago

      Very nice. I like the quote about "This is a bad day and not a bad life." Voted up.

    • creativenovella profile image

      Naomi Novella 

      5 years ago from New York, New York

      I love the quote "Life is too short to be following rules" Fun site you have here.

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      5 years ago from Hawaii

      These really are great quotes to look at.

    • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Davao City


    • WriterJanis profile image


      5 years ago from California

      Some of these quotes are so inspiring.


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