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Top 10 books for teenage girls

Updated on November 29, 2015

All the books in our list of top 10 books for teenage girls are very good. To pick the perfect one, for a girl, try to match the teen's personality to the book.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is a 4 part series. To the right we have a link to the box set and one to the first book, in the series.

The Sisterhood books are a bench mark for all teen coming of age stories. In the first one the girls are 15. The writer gives her characters the problems and sensibilities of 15 year old girls. In many books about the same subject, girls are far wiser than teenage girls in fact are.

In the book the girls are each experiencing different challenges and aspects of their personalities. The characters do not remain flat, they develop through their experiences and decisions. I would recommend these books for all teenage girls.

Pride and Prejudice

Arguably the greatest of Jane Austen's masterpieces Pride and Prejudice is a sharp and witty comedy set in 19th century English society. It is a very different world to the one we know, but there is still a lot you can take away from the book.

At it's core Pride and Prejudice is about how men and women fail and succeed in love and society.


Twilight is a lighter read than most of the books here. It made it to the top 10 becaust it's very, very popular with teenage girls. It does manage to get teens excited about reading and that's an accomplishment in it's own right.

Twilight is about a young girl named Bella who moves to a town called Forks and finds herself in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen. Edward isn't a traditional vampire, he feeds on animal blood and when sunlight hits him he sparkles. A vampire who doesn't abstain from human blood takes and interest in Bella and Edward has to save her.

The Boy Next Door

Most of Meg Cabot's books are written for teenagers and she has become very good at writing for them.

This screwball comedy was written for slightly older teens. The heroine Mell Fuller is a fun, interesting and strong but not perfect.

The novel is written in the format of emails. At first I was skeptical about the choice, but Meg Cabot has made it work.

The Truth about Forever

This book is by Sarah Dessen a notable author of stories for teenage girls. Her genius lies in taking a simple story line and bringing it to life with interesting characters.

The Truth About Forever is about sixteen-year-old Macy, who's father recently died. Her mother, who is dealing with her own pain, shuts Macy out. To hide her problems Macy tries to live a perfect life. The characters and events in her life teach her that seeking perfection isn't the answer.

Looking for Alaska

This is the story of a high school junior, Miles Halter, who beg's his parents to enroll him in the prestigious Culver Creek boarding school. Miles hopes that the change of school will bring him popularity and happiness. At his new school he learn many things, including how to accept himself and his odd new friends. I found John Green's writing style to be very enjoyable and his storyline and characters entertaining.


The Uglies is different from the other books in the top 10 list. It's a trilogy that explores a future in which everyone is beautiful. They achieve this by having a medical procedure at age 16. Before that age they are called: The Uglies. Our heroine is turning 16 and she has doubts about undergoing the procedure. She explores the effects of the procedure to a person's body and mind. The Uglies is the kind of book you just can't put down.

Number the Stars

Number the Stars is set in Denmark during world war 2. It tells the story of Annemarie Johansen. We join her as she worries about her Jewish friend being captured by the Nazis.

In this tale, through Annemarie's experiences, we explore friendship, family and evil.

This is an incredible book, one which every teenage girl should read.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

The is the story of an impoverished teen growing up on an Indian reservation. She faces off against bullies, racism and her father's alcoholism. Having said that the books will make you laugh and teach you a thing or two about the life of modern day Indians.

Thirteen Reasons Why

This very compelling book is about a teen boy who receives a box of audio tapes from a girl he had a crush on. After she committed suicide. It's about how we treat ourselves and each other. All teen girls should read this book.

If you enjoyed top 10 books for teenage girls you should also read best books to read to children and best books for 12 year old girls.

Top 10 books for teen girls
Top 10 books for teen girls
Top ten books for teenage girls
Top ten books for teenage girls

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