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Top 10 fiction books perfect for young adults and teens for 2013

Updated on December 4, 2013

Young adult fiction: Raising Steam


Raising Steam: (Discworld Novel 40) - Discworld Novels 40

Introducing another book to Terry Pratchet's disc world series, this book is perfect for young teens and adults a like. The best thing, there are many more book in this series once you are finished reading this book!

The book is centered around a new invention - a machine that has arrived in Ankh-Morpork and Lord Vetinari is very concerned The machine can harness the power of earth, fire, air and water and is fast drawing astonished crowds.

Vetinari makes Moist von Lipwig, a man who is not accustomed to hard work, an offer which is hard to refuse. As master of the post office and the Royal bank, his input is very important, but also largery dependent on writing and clever words, and nothing much more dangerous that that - and he does love being alive.

Steam is slowly rising over Discworld, and Moist will have to fight with many goblins, angry dwarfs and an unfortunate fat controller who has a known history of throwing staff unceremoniously down the stairs.

Young adult friction


Cognitive Disturbance - Alexander Van Dorph

Tipped to be one of the most exciting new books of 2013/2014, and included in Amazon's exciting new reads list, Cogntive Disturbance written by Alexander Van Dorph, focusses on the main character - Leopold Von Tiller who lives in the suburbs of Los Mirra.

Los Mirra is "A dystopian metropolis run by nefarious criminal gangs and currupt politicians" - but despite this, Leopold Von Tiller has transformed into an auspicious, lucrative, but most importanly well respected and popular businessman. His life takes a turn for the worse as he confronts ferocity with a deadly outcome.

Leopold suddendly finds himself having to wage a war on several fronts, and when his best friends life is in danger, he must adapt to the conditions in this great maze of a city in order to survive. Whether exchanging malicious words in a business meeting, or throwing punches in a archaic bar fight, the logistics are the same - outmaneuver the competition.

Leopold soon learns how these rules apply to every human being, and must adapt to the unfolding situation or see himself devoured in the failure to do so.

Can he endeavour at the heart of ferocity, or will hatred take a hold and tear him apart?

Author Website:

Young adult fiction


Steelheart - by Brandon Sanderson

Extraordinary powers were gifted to ordinary men and women when a mysterious burst of energy came from the skies 10 years ago. The public were overawed and started calling these people "epics"..

..but epics are no friend of man. They have unusual and extraordinary powers, with a desire to rule over over man, and to rule a man you must crush his dreams.

Nobody dares to fight Epics, nobody except from the Reckoners. A mysterious groups of ordinary humans who spend their lives mastering how to fight and assasinate Epics.

Young adult fiction

Takedown Twenty - Janet Evanovich

When dominant mobster Salvatore, otherwise know as "Uncle Sunny" is charged with murder and goes on the run, it's up to Stephanie to find him.

His charge; running over a man two times. Everybody is reluctant to give evidence and turn him in, not least is poker buddies, or his blonde bimbo of a girlfriend, ad definitely not Shorty and Moe - his two right-hand men.

Trenton's best police man is probably the most reluctant. Why? Because "Uncle Sunny" just happens to be his godfather...

Young adult fiction

Looking for Alaska

"One big nonevent." These are perfect words to describe Miles "pudge" Halter's whole life existance. His is attracted to the "Great Perhaps"- a poem written by (Fran├žois Rabelais). He needs an adventure.

Not by his own choice, he departs for the weird, unpredictable and anything but monotonous Culver Creek Boarding school, and suddendly his life is anything but a non-event. Not far, down the corridor lives Alaska Young. She is attractive, smart, amusing, chaotic, dangerous, and bewildering. She captivates Pudge into her world, and catapults him into the great perhaps.

Young adult fiction

The Maze Runner - James Dashner

His memory has abonded him when he comes to in a lift, and unfortunately the most he can recall is his name "Thomas". Although feeling lost, he is by no means alone, and when the elevator doors open, Thomas is encompassed by many children who invite him into a big, wide open area enclosed by stone walls. They call it "The Glade".

The children, termed "The Gladers" do not recall how or why they arrived into the The Glade. The most they can remember is that in mornings the stone walls retract and in the evening they are closed tight. Without question, every 30 days arrives a new young boy.

There is suprise and unrest when, the next day, a girl is delivered. She is the first and only to enter into the glade. Even more astonishing is the note she passes on to the boys.

Thomas is much more important than he can even remember. Unfortunately, the mysterious secrets are locked inside his mind.

Young adult fiction

Crossed - Ally Condie

"Society decides almost everything you do;

from the music you like,
to the television you watch,
to who the popular kids are at school.

However, the guidlines are different now for Cassia. She will give up everything to locate Ky, who has been abducted.

Ky manages to break free, to the wilderness beyond those ruled by society, and Cassia finds out she realises there is still hope.

But nothing is clear cut on the boundaries of society...

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs

Jacob travels to a distant island of the coast of wales after an awful family tragedy. An orphan now, he finds himself in the middle of the collapsing ruins of "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" - where he stumbles accross some uncommon old photographs.

To his surprise, the young children in these pictures are more unusual, mysterious and precarious than he first thought. They were isolated here for a good reason. And they may be still alive..

Young adult fiction

Unwind - Neal Shusterman

"Life is inviolable form the moment of conception until the age of thirteen." Since the end of the second Civil War, which was contented over reproductive rights, there has been unrest. In the time between the ages of 13-15, children can be "unwound" - a process in which the boy or girl's own organs are transferred into different donors.

Apparently, "life never ends" here. But Connor knows that is not true, as do many others who have no choice. Connor is a problem child, difficult for his parents to discipline. Risa too, is ordered to be unwound. There is a chance that together, Connor and Risa can escape and disappear from this dangerous, unforgiveable place.

Young adult fiction


Legend - Marie Lu

The western part of the USA is now claim to the Republic, who are continually fighting with its neighbours. June is unwillingly born into a rich family in the affluent part of the Rebublic. She is tipped to be an asset in the biggest and most respected military circles in the Republic.

Day, also unwillingly but mostly unluckily is born in the slums, and is the lands most searched after criminal. His intensions however are not as malevolent as they might seem.

As complete polar opposites, there seems no reason why June and Day should cross paths - that is until the very day that Metias, June's mother is killed. The prime suspect; Day.


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