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Top 5 Inspirational Poems, You Must Read

Updated on July 30, 2019
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He is a college boy who loves to read poems written by poets who have spent their life mostly in hardship as they know the meaning of life.


1 : Young Fire By Allama Iqbal

When love teaches manners self-awareness,
Mystery Emperor play on slaves,

Attar is Roman or Northern,
Something does not come hand in hand,

Don't be nominated by them,
There are less efforts, but not the best,

O great King, death from this provision is good,
Lack of flight from where it comes from,

From Darius and Alexander, the male poor Ali,
Be the one whose sow is Alexander,

The Constitution Where the Dead Right and the Right,
The lions of Allah do not know defeat,


2 : The Dear Scent By Mir Taki Mir

There are flowers in the garden from you,
Smell something in my mind,

Love is given to love,
Blood bubbles in the lamp of the flower,

The heart is not comforting otherwise,
The flames will all be in the stain of the flower,

Don't go to the luxury of this certification,
There is no wine in the bush,

Take a look at this Garden book,
Is also in the autumn trace of the flower,


3 : Seeking Just By Mirza Ghalib

Tired hearts will rise from this,
Hunger dies Some dude will now eat,

Now, if they go from this city, it will be worse,
Woe to those who are left alone,

The two hot tubs stay warm, then tucked,
The first sword will sit us down,

There will be any day when I meet the assembly,
We'll wake up half an hour away,

Do not express your love for lovers,
From time to time it will all be hidden in the mouth,

See where he goes,
Now the head will come from morning to morning,

The crowd does not quench this cruelty,
Neck dude will be bitten someday,

When he used to walk in the streets,
The heart will be constantly attached to this pillow,

If the flame has stayed that way then my dear,
We will be burning our house for the night,


4 : Tough Sights By Altaf Hali

It was heartbreaking to proceed,
The color on top of our faces was even further,

Pick up their bad language for you,
Who was naked before us,

With our cries the chest has become a market,
For each wound that was tight forward,

How much difference was there in the assembly from the candles,
That burned it was kite on us ahead,

What a bad change it would have otherwise,
Each and every thing was on its way,


5 : Wandering Soulless By Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Just don't stay for me,
Even after you die, be happy,

The place where the tree is like,
It's been a lifetime for me to be there,

The occupation is that of gentlemen,
Stick slowly,

Heartfelt in the gloomy ghetto,
Wanted to live several flies,

Don't let your florist die,
Staying close to the wound,

I smile smilingly,
Who understands my grief?


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© 2019 Muhammad Abdullah


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