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The author Sidney Sheldon's - top 5

Updated on July 19, 2011

Top 5 Sidney Sheldon Books.

Sidney Sheldon is one author who I truly consider intriguing. He is one of those kinds of writers who bring the characters of the books in flesh and blood, bring a magic in them, that you feel it’s almost alive In front of your eyes. I’m not the only one who considers it. I believe everyone who reads a Sidney Sheldon, is completely hooked to it. His writings are not only exhilarating but also portray a kind of passion which is original, lively and simply magnificent! I have no words to describe him further. I remember I was not allowed to read his books during child-hood, but then it was in high school when I read one book, Tell Me Your Dreams, and I was captivated, utterly, obsessed with his books. I read EVERY book of his. I remember finishing all of them in only about a few months. I actually felt myself maturing with every book he wrote. Every book of his has a cunning yet scintillating story behind it. It has an originality which no other author has. His books were written during the early 1980’s and he very openly talks about sexual inclinations without any inhibitions. Im sure everyone must have grown-up with his books. The Top 5 novels by Sidney Sheldon according to me would be -

Tell Me Your Dreams- In this book there is a very innocent yet gullible woman named Ashley Patterson who is a computer whiz. She is some how convinced that she is being trailed. There is co-worker Toni Prescott of French origin who is an avid internet dater. She is wild and sexy and a kind of girl, who can totally blow out your mind. There is another woman named Alette Peters who is a very calm and quiet girl. This is the most enthralling story of continuous murder trials linking all the three of them and then finding out that it’s an implausible case of multiple disorders. Fast paced and thrilling; this is one you can’t miss. It’s the best book of Sidney Sheldon and that’s how No.1 on my list.

Nothing Lasts Forever- The second best according to me would be this one. Nothing lasts forever by Sidney Sheldon. I’ve been interested in medical since childhood and this book brings out the best of the medical theme. What I liked about this book was the amount of medical research done, in order to make it look tremendously authentic. This was the story of 3 female doctors; one hospital and infinite exciting chaos making it a remarkable reading. This book was also converted into a film seeing its immeasurable accomplishment.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? - This one more astonishing book. Fiction at its best. Deaths at every corner of the world. All linked together. Two widows and one story. How these two woman fight over their lives to get justice to their husbands. One company, the Kingsley group and the owner, Tanner Kingsely. Everyone tangled into one maze. Who wins? A must-read book for everyone. This book showed how two women starting of as enemies become friends and finally companions to get their husbands hard-earned respect back.

Rage of Angels- One thing I like about SS is, that all his novels are very much woman oriented. Just like in this book, where the girl Jennifer Parker. She is an extremely successful lawyer and how she ends up in conspiracy that surrounds her allover. This novel then follows her links with Mafia, politics and finally bringing to a much thought end. But on the other hand it also shows her power and strength to deal with everything following her. As said before; extremely woman- orientedcharacters and story-lines. Gripping and extremely difficult to put down. One of the best works of Sidney Sheldon.

The Best-Laid Plans- This book follows the fight between the two powerful people in the media. After having covered almost every profession, he tackles the media with the same command and enthusiasm which is beyond our limits. Leslie and Russell fight it out in the media. Leslie wants vengeance while Russel is fallen in the hands of power and money. She builds an empire from a scratch to battle out her revenge. Does she succeed? You need to watch out for that. Loud, shrewd and sexy. This book brings out every factor required for an avid reader.


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    • profile image

      saket 3 years ago

      I agree with most of the list but I would suggest you consider bloodline....