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Top Movies Based on Books

Updated on January 19, 2021

A new day, a new movie

The story and the characters are the most important part of the movie, and they will determine if the movie is a hit or a miss. We usually forgot about the CGI and all the action, and remember the what's really important. You will be amazed to find out that most of the great movies ever made were based on a best-selling book. I listen to people all the time repining the idea of "deficiency of creative thinking in Hollywood". It's true, some of the biggest films in the history of cinema were adaptation of classical books, and it's a shame to see that the original writers never get the deserved credit for the story. Let's see some of the best movies created in Hollywood that were based on a book.

The Notebook

This movie use the picture-in-picture cinematic technique, because it tells the story of an old man who lives in a nursing house, where he unveils a story to an old woman about a boy and a girl who falls called Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun, who fell in love with each other, although they came from opposite social classes. The movie is packed with romance, with hidden details and moral tales, and the end is just like the climax of an opera concert, leaving us wondering "what if". I can truthfully say that I've seen the movie over ten times, and it was great every single time.

"The Notebook" is based on a short novel with the same name written by Nicholas Sparks, and you should probably read it if you have the time. Also, I invite you to see the movie.

The Shawshank Redemption

After the slaying of his wife, an established banker called Andrew Dufresne is sent to Shawshank Prison, where the usual unpleasantness occurs every where. Across the years, he keeps hopes up and finally gains the respectfulness of his colleague convicts, particularly of an old convict called "Red" Redding, a black marketeer. Thanks to his banking abilities, he gets influential within the prison. In the end, Andrew accomplishes his conclusions on his own terms.

This is probably the best movie I've seen so far, because the story is depicted so raw and so real. The film is inspired by Stephen King's short chronicle "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption". With the movie, I felt they did a great job in remaining faithful the plot and plot line - every detail was exactly how I had imagined it when I read the book, and the film was just marvelous.

The Silence Of The Lambs

They say that the original book is better than the movie. I have not had the pleasure of reading it, but the movie was so good, I forgot to blink while watching it. Later, I found out that the main character, Hannibal, does not blink either. The story is about Clarice Starling, a young intelligent FBI trainee, who is trying to stop an unstoppable psychopathic serial killer with the help of Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatric turned infamous human butcher.

The original book was written by Thomas Harris, and it's the second book in the series, after the "Red Dragon". The book welcomes the reader into the world of criminal investigation, is packed with suspense, unforgettable characters and bloody scenes of violence.

The Godfather

I've saved the best for last. Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) is the head of the Corleone Mafia Family, and he is enjoying the wedding of his daughter, Connie. Everyone in the family is involved in illegal business, except Michael, who is a war hero with a clean history. The movie follows the transformation of Michael, when he tries to face the situation his father being shot and his family attacked. He must take a stand, and try to keep up with the unraveling events that occur.

This movie, just like the book written by Mario Puzo, is larger than life and the story is so compelling and complex that it will soak you in after 10 minutes of reading. Emerge yourself in the underground world, where the set of moral standards are unique and difficult to understand by many of us, where blood is easily shed, where life hangs out of a very thin rope. If you don't have the time to read the book, you should at least see the movie. It's so inspirational.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2009 John


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