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Top 5 Ongoing Indie (Non-Superhero) Comics

Updated on November 26, 2015


While many of us are familiar with Batman and Spider-man of DC and Marvel fame, comics not set in those universes are not quite as well known. Image comics, IDW, Dark Horse, among others publish what is known as Indie comics where writers and artists take advantage of the comic medium to tell amazing and brilliant stories not constrained to the Marvel and DC comics worlds.

Below we'll go over some of the best Indie comics that are currently being published.


1. Saga

Saga (Image Comics) by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples is one of, if not the best Indie comic on the market right now. Take a little Star Wars, a little Romeo and Juliet, and add a dash of Game of Thrones and you'll get the rich Sci-Fi/Fantasy world of Saga.

The plot revolves around two star-crossed lovers, Alana and Marko, who meet under P.O.W. conditions and yet manage to fall in love and have a child despite being not only on different sides of the war, but different species. Their child is the primary reason for their life on the run that the story revolves around, being pursued by both sides who are determined to prevent the inter-species child from becoming public knowledge.

The plot is deep, the characters well-rounded, and the themes broad. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more compelling comic this decade.

2. The Walking Dead

Many of us are familiar with AMC's The Walking Dead tv Show and it's growing fandom. The comic however, is still a riveting read and despite inspiring most all of the show's plot, it's different enough to warrant a read for fans and newbies alike.

As a fan of the show: The characters are approached differently and you'll likely find that many of your favorites are just not as likable in the comic. On the flip side, you'll likely find that characters that didn't interest you before suddenly do. Not to mention the lack of Darryl and addition of other characters. The plots follow pretty closely, but are just different enough that nostalgia and character interaction should keep you pretty darn happy through and past where the show currently is.

As a newbie: The Walking Dead is some pretty excellent survival horror. Blood and guts and deep characters abound. You'll find yourself routing for some and wishing others dead, and which happens will always keep you surprised. You'll get to see these people really grow as they deal with their post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world.


3. Rat Queens

Sass, Swords, and Sorcery are the elements of choice in Rat Queens. A group of female adventurers who party up, in the D&D/RPG sense as well as drinking and debauchery, live it up in this hilarious and bloody comic. There’s Hannah, the spell-casting hot head; Violet, the warrior dwarf; Dee, a divine sorceress raised by a cult; and Betty, the adorable rogue with a love of candy, women, and magic mushrooms.

Rat Queens flows seamlessly from gore to humor, large action events to small personal moments, often at the same time. It's that perfect blend that makes Rat Queens such a page-turner. The characters are so well developed and the tales so grand, yet personal, that watching the girls raise hell is almost as fun as doing it yourself.

4. Darth Vader

12 issues as of November 18, 2015
1 Trade: Star Wars: Skywalker Strikes (#1-6)
2nd Trade: January 2016

So first let me say that Darth Vader is BAD ASS! Seriously though, Vader is majorly impressive in his role and getting to see things from his point of view is a pretty sweet perspective switch from normal. In light of the destruction of the Death Star, and his subsequent demotion, Vader even endeavors to assemble his own private force. That's right, Vader get's sidekicks too! Up to, and including, Boba Fett and murder-bots that look suspiciously like C3PO and R2D2.

This title runs concurrently with the Marvel's Star Wars.

And yes, Marvel is not an Indie Publisher but this isn't apart of main continuity so I'm counting it!


5. Invader Zim

Though we are only one issue in at this point, (issue 2 drops on 8/19/15), Invader Zim from Oni Press has already stolen a permanent spot on my pull list as my favorite ongoing comedy comic. The dark and over-the-top humor is amazing, the art style is beautiful, and as a fan of the old TV show this continues from the nostalgia is palpable. Don't fret if you're not familiar with the show, because issue 1 smartly brings you up to speed so that you won't miss a beat.

Join the cult of ZIM, filthy humans!


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      Maria 2 years ago

      Wonderful list! Fables should have been included, though!