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Top Ten Fictional Hero's

Updated on May 30, 2017

Hero's are in the world of imagination as well as in the realm of reality. Hero's are strong warriors or even everyday people who no matter the odds do their best to spread peace and to combat the evils that spew forth from under the Earth’s crust. Here is the list of the Top Ten Fictional Hero's, as always this list isn't in any order so enjoy.

#10, Hercules. This Hero has been in books, legends, video games and comics. While there might be different depictions here and there of him the main part of him usually stays the same. He has a brave heart, super human strength and is son of Zeus. During his Twelve Labors Hercules has man handled and killed some of the most vicious monsters from Greek Mythology. Cerberus, The Hydra, The Nemean Lion and many more were part of his task and he became a legend once finishing the twelve labors. Hercules has been in a Disney movie as well, come on that immediately makes you a hero in my book.

#9, Batman.I know a lot of people might hate on me for this one but Batman goes on the list. Bruce Wayne as a child had his parents gunned down in an alley, since then he had learned every martial art in the world and mastered in as well as becoming the greatest detective in the world. Batman is human just like many other hero's in comics but he is no doubt one of the most iconic beings in history. The thing that is cool about Batman is that he has fought gods, demons, superhuman characters and monsters. He is only a man. Batman has dedicated his life to fight criminals and bring them to justice, I always thought that was pretty cool.

#8, Naruto Uzumaki. Since he was young the number one knuckle head ninja has always kind of been abandoned. When he was born the spirit of a Demon Fox was placed into him and making him a Jinchuuriki. Many parents in the village he resided in told their children to steer clear of Naruto, so after a few years and a lot of hardships he was finally able to earn the respect of his fellow villagers and from people from all around the world he lived in. While he may not be the smartest guy of all time Naruto has proven his loyalty to his friends, to honor his word and to follow his Ninja Way.

#7, Robin Hood. The thief who looks out for the poor. Robin Hood has been in many novels and even a few movies, he has gotten around. Little Robin has his trust bow and his band of Merry men as he robs the rich to give to the needy. A classic tale. Quite a bit of tales and songs were made of him in the medieval times. While there have been some other stories of which they take the Robin Hood type thing and use it that can never compete to the green tight wearing marksman known as Robin Hood.

#6, The Ring Bearers. In Lord of the Rings Frodo Baggins is tasked with taking the One Ring back to Mordor in order to destroy it. Along the way they meet several other hero’s who join the party such as Legolas The Elven Archer, Gandalf The Grey Wizard, Aragorn The Returning King and many more. A few may have died along the way but one thing is true, these band of mixed races have went a long ways to defeat a dark lord and destroy his ring, I think they deserve a rest.

#5, Captain John Price. In Call of Duty Modern Warfare there isn't a tougher SOB then John Price. This Military Soldier has been in enough gunfights to what to do and when to do it. Part of Task Force 141 Price and his friend "Soap" Mactavish hunt down Russian Madman Vladimir Makarov. Being betrayed by their general the two kill the general and escape, however Vladimir is still on the run which meant Price needed to still finish his mission. Price is a precise and calculating soldier, proficient in all kinds of military operations from espionage to assassination to command and conquer. Price can still fight with the best of them no matter his age.

#4, Thor. In Norse Mythology Thor is considered one of the strongest amongst the Asgardian's. With his hammer Mjolnir Thor has defeated frost giants, his brother Loki and the giant snake know as The Serpent of Midguard. Well he did die in the fight he still defeated it so I am counting it. Even though he is shown to primarily use his strength and hammer the God of lightning is no slouch when it comes to that of brain power. Able to trick giants and other beings. He even dressed up as a woman once, so there's that.

#3, Bulma Briefs. This sassy blue or sometimes green haired colored woman may not help directly in much of Dragon Ball Series but she has her own special ways. Wife of Vegeta and Mother of Trunks, Bulma is a scientist and head of the Capsule Corporation. She gave armor to the Z-Fighters when they were to fight Cell, she had a time machine made so Trunks and others could travel along the timeline both past and future. Not really trained in Martial Arts she has helped greatly in scientific ways. Like getting Vegeta to go SS4 in Dragonball GT, that's right I said it, come get some.

#2, Mulan. Mulan is a young Chinese woman who decided to step in her fathers place when he was called in to go to war. Stealing her father’s armor and weapon she left to go face the Huns in combat. Mulan is not the most physically intimidating people but her swordsmanship and ability to think on the go is rather good. And if you didn't know I am talking about Mulan from Disney, come on people get classy.

#1, Captain America. Well I am not the fond of this guy Steve Rogers is a shining symbol of the USA. While at first he was short little skinny dude with a sense of Patriotism he eventually became a big tall man hunk dude with a sense of Patriotism. Similar to Superman Captain America is seen as the shining symbol of Justice, the go to guy if you wanna talk about the USA. Thanks to his enhanced physique and attributes thanks to a special Super Soldier Formula little Stevie has been able to live his dream of saving the world and fighting for good old Mother Liberty. Although if I was him I would ditch the spandex, honestly it just seems really weird to wear when your going out and hitting people with a giant metal Frisbee. Least the guy from Mortal Kombat has his throw-able hat razor sharp.


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