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Top Ten Monsters In Greek Mythology

Updated on May 26, 2017

Mythology comes from around the world, stories of hero's and monster's stain the books they are written on with ink. This is the list of the Top Ten Greek Mythology monsters, as always they are not in any order so please enjoy.

#10, Cerberus. The Three-Headed Dog of The Underworld has been in more then just stories. Cerberus is the guardian of the gates, he makes sure no one from the living can make it into the realm of the dead. He has been featured in games such as Kingdom Hearts, movies like Disney's Hercules and several other stories. One of the most famous of Greek Mythology beasts Cerberus's three heads guard the gates with deathly prowess, that is unless you can trick the beast or out muscle it.

#9, The Kraken. The Kraken is the supposed child of Hades God of the Dead and is one of the most feared beings in the world. The Kraken is usually depicted as a large Squid or Octopus. Stories have been told of this mighty beast destroying countless ships with its immense strength. It is said that in earlier times the Kraken was described more as a crab like creature rather then a octopus and to be honest I don't know which one sounds worse. The Kraken has made appearances in several other mythologies and games. God of War games have had appearances from all sorts of Greek Monsters.

#8, Medusa. Medusa was said to be so beautiful that it angered the Goddess of Love and Beauty Aphrodite and was turned into a hideous monster. Now if anyone looks at her they are turned to stone. While she was slain by Perseus she still lives on in a few movies and games. She isn't one of the most physically imposing characters but trying to fight a deadly creature without looking at her isn't as easy as it may seem.

#7, Harpies. The Harpies are one of the most deadliest creatures in Greek Mythology but although to be honest nearly all of them are deadly. Seen with usually the body of a predator bird and the head of a gorgeous women the Harpy has a fine hobby of ripping off peoples faces with her sharp talons and since it is a bird they tend to roll in groups. Which is always nice, don't want to leave any chances of us remaining alive do we?

#6, Centaur. Much like many of Greek Monsters the Centaur is a hybrid. With the bottom part of a horse and the upper part of a man the Centaur is considered to be one of the most noble of creatures. Mostly seen as Warriors the Centaurs are proficient in bows as well as swords and other weapons. They have been in loads of other things as well like games and movies, look up Narnia, they got alot of them in there. Sagittarius the Archer is one of the most legendary ones, I should know cause it's most constellation.

#5, The Nemean Lion. One of Hercules's Twelve Labors, The Nemean Lion is said to have a hide so tough no weapon can pierce it. Now Hercules being the manly man that he is decided to take out the Lion with his muscles and giant club. He eventually managed to slay the savage beast and use its own claws to skin it, then he adorned the pelt like a cape and paraded around like the Queen of England. Even though it was killed the beast was ferocious. It's claws sharper then any mans sword and it could even cut through armor, definitely one of the most tough monsters in Mythology.

#4, Typhon. This next creature was not only the most deadliest of giants but also the father of many of the monsters in Greek Mythology. Typhon was the son of Gaia and fathered by Tartarus. Typhon was said to be as strong as even the King of the Gods Zeus. However in several versions of the story Zeus had struck down the massive being with the power of his thunderbolt.

#3, The Hydra. Everyone knows about the many serpent headed being known as the Hydra. Also one of Hercules's labors the Hydra was a incredibly deadly creature. It's blood was like acid, one drop was enough to bore through the skin and completely destroy the part and not only that but it grew heads. That is correct for whatever head was cut off more and more would grow, the only way Hercules could defeat it was to burn the severed head quickly with a torch however the last head was immortal so it was then left trapped under a large boulder.

#2, Cyclops. Here come the man-eaters. The Cyclops are kind of a good thing and bad thing in the Greek world. While they did help create the top three gods items. Zeus's Thunderbolt, Poseidon's Trident and Hades Helm of Darkness they also tend to gorge themselves on human flesh and everything so they aren't exactly the best of both worlds. I give them perhaps a five out of ten for being helpful.

#1, The Minotaur. This bad boy has been around for years. He has the head and shoulders of a bull while the lower half is male. In a Greek story it is said that a king held a Minotaur in a maze under his kingdom and had people from all around give him women to feed to the beast. The Minotaur was eventually slain. There is a book that talks about another story but by the same area, a girl is the sister of a minotaur and has to watch as her brother dies.It's truly an experience I tell ya that.


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