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Top Ten Weirdest Comic Book Superheroes and Villains

Updated on June 4, 2012

Okay, let me be frank here, superheroes and villains are a peculiar bunch, but we love them. Whether it’s for their impeccable sense of dressing or their outrageous abilities, these characters have a special place in our hearts. We’re all pretty much enamored with these costumed crime fighters and evil doers, but what about the characters that are weirder than our average weirdoes?

Well, you’re in luck! For this I’ll breakdown my top ten (non-definitive) of some of the weirdest comic book superheroes and villains of all time. To save time and plenty of laughter induced headaches, I only added 10.

Nom nom nom nom, fences taste so good
Nom nom nom nom, fences taste so good

Matter Eater Lad

The name and the picture pretty much are a dead giveaway. This guy eats things. Like things that your average hero wouldn’t dare eat. Eating through any substance can be pretty handy I think. At least no prison can hold this man. Of course that is all that this power is good for. It’s not like he can eat villain’s right? That’ll be sick, but I sometimes wonder what the writers were thinking of when they made this character.

Insert raunchy joke here_____
Insert raunchy joke here_____

Squirrel Girl

Making her Marvel Comics debut in 1991, Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl) takes down her enemies using her strange power of calling out squirrels. No, really, she has a squirrel call that makes wild squirrels aid her in fights.

Not Donald but close enough
Not Donald but close enough

Howard the Duck

Introduced in 1973, Howard the Duck is perhaps one of the most useless Marvel superheroes to date. In fact, I’m not really sure if he qualifies as a hero. He has nothing substantial that would make him unique. He’s just a talking duck that engages his enemies with the cheapest and cheesiest one liner’s known in existence.

Nice Hammer pants brah!
Nice Hammer pants brah!


DC’s break dancing Spanish superhero Vibe danced into the comic world in 1983. It was a different era back then. Not only was break dancing the “it” thing, but Spanish Americans were quite popular as well. I think it was around the time Menudo was all the craze, but I digress a bit. Vibe has the power to make shockwaves in a similar manner to earthquakes using his super slick funky fresh dance moves on his enemies. Now that’s solid!

Terrible Costume Man
Terrible Costume Man

The Red Bee

Terrible costume aside, The Red Bee is a pretty neat hero. That is, if you consider having a trained bubble-bee as sidekick cool. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Okay, maybe you can. I retract that foolish statement.

Time!!!!! Time!!!!!!!!!! I will kill you with time!!!!!!!!!!
Time!!!!! Time!!!!!!!!!! I will kill you with time!!!!!!!!!!

Clock King

Clock King has nothing but time on his hands. No really, he has a great sense of time and execution. That makes him quite the formidable foe and also a very boring one at that, because your see, he has no powers but he is really smart, but not smart enough to instill fear in heroes. I guess he’s working on it, because again, he has nothing but time on his hands.

Apparently, he likes to fly kites
Apparently, he likes to fly kites


DC Comics villain Kite-Man yawned into the comic book scene in the 1960’s. What made him special? Nothing really. He just flew kites. Really, he just gave Batman an excuse to battle him in the air because it’s Batman and that’s one of the things he does (Bat things).

Eye guy
Eye guy

The Ten-Eyed Man

He can see out of his fingertips. How that is that of any use is beyond me. I guess I’m not weird enough to comprehend this power.

There's not a building tall enough that he can't out-tall
There's not a building tall enough that he can't out-tall


Hey reader, want to learn how to walk on stilts? I bet you don’t but this silly super villain will teach you. This guy sucks at robbing anything that’s high up. You’d think he’s a shoo-in for that kind of stuff since he does have stilts and all, but no. When he does evil doing he is so obviously noticed by cops and heroes alike. Who couldn’t miss an incredibly tall man walking the streets of NY is a goofy costume?

Wow this guy is well protected!
Wow this guy is well protected!


Umm what? Do we really exist in a world where we have an evil villain named Asbestos Man? It seems almost too ridiculous to be true, but hey, have you seen the above heroes and villains? He fits right in. So what’s this guy’s backstory, I mean, why honestly call yourself Asbestos Man? Well, I’ll save you from boredom by giving you the break-down of this weirdo. He’s a former world renowned chemist turned evil villain who wears a flame-retardant asbestos suit to combat his enemy The Human Torch.

And that’s it in a nutshell folks. Now after putting myself through the torture of finding these weirdoes I’m off to cleanse my brain of the strangeness. Don’t forget to comment below and tell me what superhero or villain that you find to be downright weird. Oh, and vote on which character gets to walk away with The Worst Comic Book Character award.

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    • Alex Sherman profile image

      Alex Sherman 2 years ago

      Great hub and well written! Squirrel Girl is certainly my favourite out of these. Keep up the good work!

    • profile image

      Pedro 2 years ago

      We could see you have set in certain faintsatc effort for the site below and thank you to the great data you've got shared. You may absolutely be rewarded

    • superherojames profile image

      James Horsham 3 years ago from Manchester, UK

      Haha great stuff. We've both got the same idea. I literally made my own weird superheroes hub a few weeks ago. Trained bumble bee as your sidekick haha too funny.

    • Geekdom profile image

      Geekdom 5 years ago

      Ahhh.....they even made a really bad movie with him in 1986. Great list.

    • Mr Tindle profile image

      Mr Tindle 5 years ago

      Lamar Johns,

      This was a humorous look at some really strange comic book characters. Nice job writing this, voted up.

    • profile image

      MjNicole 5 years ago

      Ok Lamar, all I can do is hold my side and laugh! Now I remember some of these Marvle superheros but Howard the Duck!? I thought he was just a television character I know idea he was a superhero. Now Squirrel Girl that is a no, not because it is a girl but, who walks around with fur all of over them? And I agree with Clock King he wanted punctuality in his world. Great hub Lamar so love it!

    • Lamar Johns profile image

      Lamar Johns 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I kind of feel sorry for the Clock King. All he wanted was to be punctual. Is that so wrong?

      Squirrel Girl came after the Tick I believe. That show was awesome. Spoon!!

      My first thought was that Asbestos Man was from Nextwave, but sadly no. he seems to fit though which is both odd and hilarious at the same time.

    • Dominique L profile image

      Dominique L 5 years ago from Oregon

      Yay for Clock King fans! I love him! He's such a dork. But I do have one question, did Squirrel Girl come before or after the similar character on The Tick? Because if DC ripped off The Tick, I will let that one stand.

      And was Asbestos man from Nextwave? Everything about that panel screams Nextwave to me, which explains and excuses all of it.

    • Bmm209 profile image

      Bmm209 5 years ago from California,U.S.A

      I think Clock King is the most hilarious, and is my favorite out of this bunch.

    • addingsense profile image

      Akhil S Kumar 5 years ago from kerala

      It is a great hub remembering all these comic characters and i am expecting great hubs from you in the future,

      sensing by,


    • profile image

      eric-mikols 5 years ago

      Yes! I loved this. Poor Clock King, even the 90's Batman cartoon tried to make him cool but he's just one punctual guy.

      And I never, ever, have gotten my mind around Stilt-Man being a threat.