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Top Writing Forums

Updated on April 5, 2015

Absolute Write

The Absolute Write forums are the cream of the crop. Their subforums are vast, covering every single topic you could ever ask for.

The people are friendly, funny and amazing help. They offer brilliant advice that actually helps, and are dedicated regular posters (if you take a look, most members have over 1,000 posts). If you are a grammar nazi, no fear! Absolute Write has actual published authors, so if a spelling mistake or use of horrible slang slips through, they immediately tell you.

You're allowed a signature, where you can post your blog link, or your books. Nearly everyone writes how much words they have written, and how much more they need till a complete book. It's great for encouragement!

There's a subforum for chilling out, music, sports etc, even one for helping people with their problems. You can make proper friends at this forum.

Their FAQs provide information that you can easily access, having the answer to perhaps every question you might want to ask. Spam is nonexistant.

Later on, when you have contributed 50 posts, you're allowed to post an extract of your work to the "Share Your Work" section, where others look over what you have written and give strict but fair critiques. You can also gain a beta (again, after 50 posts). You send your beta the whole manuscript, and they check what you have done, how good your work flows and search for mistakes and plot holes.

One major upside is the speed of which you get replies to your posts. There are hundreds of users online at a time. You post something, you receive and answer the next second. Absolute Write, in my opinion, is the best writing forum.

Writing Forums

Writing Forums is also a great forum. It's a big community of people talking and asking questions about the thing they love: writing.

If you look at the amount of threads and posts, you can clearly see that Writing Forums is a very active place.

Like Absolute Write, they can help you with grammar & syntax, plot ideas, tips on publishing and give reviews on your work.

The forum holds contests on short stories, poetry, and more. The community interaction is big in this place, the subforum for general things that is as big as the actual writing subforum.

One letdown for this forum is the small amount of subforums. Buy hey, it's quality and not quantity, right?

Critique Circle

If you're looking for tools to help you with your novel, Critique Circle is the way to go.

After making an account, you are free to browse the forums and use their tools. There are writing exercises, reminders, workshops, outlines, name generators, and even a word meter.

Over at the CC forums, you can ask questions, join conversations and have fun. If you're having trouble with research, posting a simple question about it gets you serious answers in minutes, so no longer do you have to receive bash from other countries about how you butchered their culture in your descriptions!

You can also submit a story to a genre section, and receive valid critiques on it. Writing critiques is also something you can do, to help out the community.

However, you must collects a number of credits to be able to post a story, and have to purchase a membership (which doesn't cost much, though) to access more of their stuff.

Writer's Digest

Okay. If you want information and articles or how to write, pack your bags and migrate to Writer's Digest. Now. They are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Packed full of tips, tricks and ways improve your novels, short stories and anything you write, this is where to go.

All the articles are sorted into categories of writing gender, writing goal and writing level. So, if you're a beginner, you can read the beginner articles! If you're already published, fine, there's something for you too!

Spend just five minutes on the site, and you'll learn more than you ever have in one English lesson at school. They have competitions, resources, a shop and a community!

The Writer's Digest forums are great too, with friendly members willing to help, and advice for every writing step. However, they aren't the most active of forums. Not to worry, because it's the actual site (not the forums) and articles that make this place really stick out.

Bookmark it, send the link to yourself, whatever, because this is a gem.

Which forum do you use?

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    • Danida profile image

      Danida 4 years ago from London

      @billybuc, I used to visit a lot of writing forums before and I learned too much to even list, but I don't have any time for forums now either. Thanks for commenting :)

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I've written about forums before. They are very helpful for serious writers who wish to improve their craft. My problem is lack of time, but I do hang out in them on occasion. Good information here.