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Topaz Ice Caverns

Updated on May 6, 2017

He trains them as

Warrior Pets.

While in the Topaz Jungle, Stankalanker finds two sharks in the Topaz Lagoon. He finds a Topaz Shark and an Amethyst Shark. He trains them as Warrior Pets.

Benaiah is finally in Space! She is working on building her Space Tower.


Wago has access to 4 different jobs. He is making a ton of money. His Savings Account is now at 3,000 shekels. He decides to open up a new savings account and start the process all over again. His stocks are increasing like crazy. His 401(k) is at 5,000 shekels.

Humanity is way too slow. Benaiah Knighterrant is going to have to take things in her hands and defeat Antimortal Cookies 7.

She wants humanity to be at least

1 year ahead of the game.

The robot takes a looky. Benaiah Knighterrant is in search of Clones. It's only going to get tougher from here on out. It's time for Benaiah to get some sleep.

September = give 1000 shekels. October = give 1000 shekels. November = give 1000 shekels.

Benaiah wakes up from her sleeping. New morning. New adventures. The 6 remaining Clones want to imprison Benaiah. That's their goal. She must kill all the 6 Clones. She has until 2017 to do so.

Interesting. So she can't help but wonder if Wago will help her kill all 6 of the Clones. Wago hires Benaiah. She is glad. She knows that she's very qualified to be a banker. Everything is going better than what Book 92 says.

It's time to bring down

Xandriana's empire. Benaiah is studying through Book 92. She's committing passages to memory.

She has an idea about establishing a Dewj Society. She feels that her idea will work. She among others will live on the moon. There will be sleek railroads on the moon. A ton of money + meaningful social connections = moon life. Moon villages will be built.

She likes working for Wago. She worked her way up the ladder and proved herself as an excellent worker. She made the most of past opportunities.

It's now time for Benaiah to continue her journey.

Sluvwird or Bust.

The year is 2015.

November. Xandriana warns the Moon people to not build their moon villages. Many of the Christians are hiding out in moon villages on the moon. Other Christians are hiding out in mountains, caves, and secret places of the earth. White Starperson is among them.

Objective: Keep C.K. alive for as long as you can.

White Starperson gets more text messages from the moon villages.

Am I an alien?

White Starperson is a powerful Knighterrant. He is working on becoming a Knight. His Power Level is at 28,883. His Toughness is at a 62. His Grace is at a 64. His Fragrance is at a 63. His Destiny is at a 72. His Intellect is at a 77. He is at least 67 years old. Hopefully he can live for eternity.

The economy has greatly strengthened.

White Starperson, due to his power, has continued developing the earth villages. His display of bravery has empowered over 143,000 souls. White Starperson is moving up the ranks. What will his woman think when she hears about this?

04 = Knight.

Moon adventure.

Benaiah Knighterrant is a legend. She tells Wago that she loves him.

She is destined to eternally

kill the 6 Clones. She will not let the Clones live in Space. She is working hard to train C.K. to eternally kill the 6 Clones. Benaiah must share the Christian Gospel.

The laws of physics can be broken. There are 6 Topaz Clones.

Right now, White Starperson is Knighterrant. One day he will be a Knight.

The Moon Tower shimmers

and shines. The Light is being spread throughout the cosmos.

White Starperson makes it back to House of Insiders. He wants to upgrade high enough to the point where he can live in a moon village. Right now, his Level isn't high enough yet. He must still remain on earth for now.

The Moon Tower = Wagofjets.

The Topaz Palace shimmers under the sunbeams. White Starperson receives a text message. White Starperson decides that he might visit with the person in the Topaz Palace.

Does anyone know how to do instant transmission?

Wrest P is still alive. Wago gives his Clonian Topaz Sword to Wrest P. Benaiah enters the Palace. She goes to a blue room and speaks with White Starperson.

Bachelor's in Reso Froth

Well now, I have clout, financial backing, and the fanbase for this. Who says that I can't create my own University? Who says that I can't award Degrees to those few individuals who have worked hard all of these years? After all, the American system of Universities and Colleges absolutely sucks. Believe me, I've graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor's in Psychology. I'm still finishing off paying my loans. Over $80,000 is what that cost me! Sure, I could pay off the rest of what I owe today, but what's the point of that? Screw that! I'll keep paying it off, but slowly. After all, my Bachelor's degree isn't worth a quarter. My Bachelor's in Reso Froth is worth way more than that thing.

2017 is the year of 2018. I am trying my best to prepare Humans for 2018. In the lovely month of May 2017, I begin my process of granting Bachelor degrees in Reso Froth. Certain highly intelligent cream of the crop individuals will begin obtaining Bachelor's in Reso Froth degrees due to their hard work and determination. I have already obtained my Bachelor's in Reso Froth. Was it easy? No. In fact, I found it easier to obtain my Bachelor's in Psychology from Baylor University. The time, commitment, and dedication that one has to put in for Reso Froth is very taxing. Oh yeah, also all of the research that has to be done.

As you know, I am currently building my Infinity Tower. Humanity has already helped me pass through 2 Dewjite Revolutions. After all, 360 degrees doth a circle make, not 33.

May brings about a nice amount of money for Resolamb Gaming. My awesome fans are still buying my amazon products. No slowdowns there at all. Honestly, ever since Trump has been in office, I've noticed a spike in my sales. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but it's something I've noticed. I think that my sales will continue to dramatically increase for as long as Trump is president. You've heard it here first. Like I said, I have the best fans on the planet. As my hardcore fans know, we, the ZionAncientz, give away our cash. There are certain of you reading this who receive wealth from us. We do it as a way to say Thank you. After all, our hardcore fans have brought us to the success we currently see today.


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