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Topaz Pearls

Updated on May 6, 2017

It is supposedly somewhere

in a hidden passage.

The Clones do not have my permission to roam on this planet. Jefe Rioletto X is feeling very powerful. He may have dropped the ball on the Jasper Pearl, but that doesn't mean that he still isn't quite a fighter. In fact, he has done an incredible job taking out so many Clones. Jefe Rioletto X is making amends quite nicely. Everyone is beginning to forget about his failures concerning the Jasper Pearl.

Bafticomputer Levels available = 2, 4. Hit Control Panel = Enter Bafticomputer Files. Marka Dezeg = 33. Fanbase = 27,000.

Wago has permission to wish 3 friends back from the dead.

Jefe will never get to wish

Sixtrip back from the dead. Clone Orphancoat III is laughing at Jefe.

I am feeling amazing. My Power Level is steadily increasing. My sister has already become eternal. Now I must fulfill my destiny and become eternal as well.

Will White Starperson ascend quickly enough and become eternal? If so, will he become eternal soon enough to help out Benaiah Knighterrant? The questions and the answers rely on the destiny of humanity. Let's hope that humanity doesn't allow the Topaz Pearl to explode.

White Starperson is now a Superhuman Christian. Prince Alex gives White Starperson 100,000 shekels to help his Team reach the next level.

A Final Temple is built very quickly.

The East Gate opens.

The year is 2015. November.

Nikki Jikki Kash is Benaiah's cousin. Xandriana sends her Clones to a certain earth city to take over their land and houses. Only one problem. The legendary White Starperson lives in this particular area.

Sabbath! :)

Soon I shall be a Knight. I will bloom into a Dewj Froth Knight.

White Starperson is running away from a large number of Clones. He jumps off of the cliff and falls into hay and straw. He continues running and reaches a cavern. The Topaz Cavern. He successfully reaches one of his many hideouts.

He walks into his kitchen.

He is hungry. His stomach is growling. He walks into his living room. He's so hungry he wants to yell. He looks out the window. No sign of any Clones.

He grabs pots and pans. He drops one. Whew! Good thing it wasn't glass. He cooks some yummy noodles in his pots and pans. He warms up some cornbread in the microwave. He takes a piss in his commode. Kind of yellow, but not too bad. He puts his dirty clothes in the washing machine. Time to do laundry. White Starperson always keeps his clothes clean. His noodles are ready.

So is the cornbread.

He makes a plate. He sits on his dufold.

He finishes eating. He plays a song on his guitar. One of his hit songs.

Uh oh. He hears a Clones vehicle outside. Time to greet them with a howdy.

White Starperson receives a text message. The Codeword to become a Page is Full tilt. He is pledged to Biblical conduct. He is a high achiever. He is travelling to the Horsehead Nebula. Jherri Cantaunti totally supports White Starperson's achievements.

The Dewj Froth Lady appears.

The Dewj Froth Chain appears.

New information shows that Sixtrip is trapped in the Amethyst Star Galaxy. Incomplete Bro is working hard at his job.

White Starperson's empire

is expanding rapidly.

White Starperson is Given His Helmet

12 years. 2015 - 2027. White Starperson must buy 2 swords. Benaiah gives White Starperson a unicorn. It is a Topaz Unicorn. She also gives him his helmet.

Objective: Keep C.K. alive for as long as you can.

Stankalanker is a powerful Knighterrant. He is working on becoming a Knight. His Power Level is at a 28,883. His Toughness is at a 56. His Grace is at a 65. His Intellect is at a 76. His Fragrance is at a 60. His Destiny is at a 72. He is at least 65 years old.

Wrest P realizes that White

Starperson is on a roll. He gives his Clonian Topaz Sword to White Starperson.

We must find the Topaz Pearl. It is supposedly somewhere in a hidden passage. Let's hope that humanity doesn't allow the Topaz Pearl to explode.

The year is 2015. November.

Right now, White Starperson is just cooling out in Topaz Cavern.

Homeboy realizes that he's

2 months ahead of humanity. He chills in his blue light and eats some blueberry ice cream.

Sophdual devises a Plan. He breaks into the Sorcerer Camp. White Starperson and Sophdual dress Nubianna up in an orange robe and cover up her face. White Starperson and Sophdual free Nubianna. Nubianna is the queen of the Cozzalites.

It's Not Bragging at All

I don't what you to think that we are bragging about what we do. See, God and Jesus Christ have blessed us with abundant wealth. We are ZionAncientz. We worship God and Jesus Christ. Do we give our tithes to churches? Nope. We give our tithes back to the fans. So, all of the money that we get, when we pay tithes, goes directly back to our numerous fans. There are hundreds of you to know this to be true. We aren't bragging. We are giving all of you a Christian blueprint for success. You see, churches like to steal your tithe money. Greedy treasurers and greedy preachers like to take your money and then flaunt their new cars in your pretty face. Consider giving your tithe money to a different source.

We give our tithe money to our fans. Maybe you, if you're a fan, would like to give your tithe money to us. Then, we make a circle that keeps the economy circulating. The circulation of money makes an economy stronger. Money circulation helps prevent stagnation. And hey, maybe you don't feel comfortable giving some Christian Jewish group named the ZionAncientz your tithe money. That is fine, we're still going to keep giving our tithe money to our fans. But whatever you do, consider giving it to a source other than your church. It's just a thought. I'll bet you learn more from us than your church, anyway.


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